W♥C & Coordinate….

Chinatsu has updated her blog with a little info on W♥C.
She mentions that she is hard at work on the new Summer line.
From the pictures she has uploaded – one where she is sporting a rather odd hat, and a devil/angel sketch – it looks like we can expect even more original items from her next season.
I really do think W♥C will continue to go from strength to strength this year, so fingers crossed the Summer collection is just as fabulous…and they stock a lot more.
It looks like the last of the Spring items are finally being added online. The gorgeous t-shirt/ethnic skirt onepiece I had my eye on has already sold out in both styles though D:
We had 4 girl students visiting from Meio, university (Okinawa, Japan) last weekend so I thought I would pull out the new denim shirt. I paired it with my ‘Chanel-style’ onepiece and lace tights – I didn’t want it to come over as too tomboyish.
The girls were lovely, and they’d brought us gifts. They gave me a print of some Sakura (haha so Japanese), Jasmine tea, Okinawan shortbread (omg so~ good) and some Okinawan raw sugar, which is supposed to keep you healthy and help you live to over 100!! Although it tasted a bit odd, and you have to eat at least one piece a day D:
One girl asked me what I liked to do, so I told her “shopping!!” she laughed and suddenly all the girls turned to me and said “you like Shibuya 109?!” It was a little odd and usually I’d be a little cautious about saying yes (Japanese people can be a little awkward when finding out that you like Gal), but it seemed that they had already assumed that I did. Whereas none of them were full on Gal, they all had dyed hair and some had a few aspects of Gal worked into their style. So it was all good ;D
Sorry for me babbling on about myself XD
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