Birthday presents…

As the picture and the title of this post would suggest, I thought I would bore you all and show you what I received for my Birthday…more specifically, from my boyfriend.
My birthday actually also happens to fall on the same day as our anniversary – and last Friday also happened to be our 1 year anniversary, haha. Therefore I was treated extra special.
I was taken out on Saturday, and told to pick out something for our anniversary. He had mentioned rings, because he knew I had wanted another one. I am a swarovski addict, from the crystals to the jewellery – I can’t get enough!! So I ended up picking out this gorgeous little number to the left. It has a row of larger crystals on top and 2 rows of smaller crystals along the side. It also has hearts engraved on the inside – the perfect ring ;D
As for my birthday presents, well I was very lucky and he bought me those early, whilst we were in Tokyo.
I picked this dress out from the little known store ‘Anthony’s’ hidden away on Shibuya 109’s B2. It is grey and black striped, with stud detailing and is made from a Cashmere-esque material.
I personally love this store, albeit tiny and slightly cramped. They offer a variety of t-shirt’s, dresses etc. and brand goods, such as Chanel and Gucci. Although they are probably best known for their selection of Pet wear & goods.
The store clerk was lovely and kept complimenting my Japanese. She was also really interested to find out where I was from, and laughed when I dragged my boyfriend in to pay for the dress. She seemed to understand what was going on ;D lol
The other item I picked out in Tokyo, were these gorgeous boots. I had seen Gal’s dotted around Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku sporting these during our stay. To start with I wasn’t really that interested in them, because the majority seemed a little too ‘girly-girl’ for me. But then I saw a girl wearing these with a Gilfy ensemble, and the rest is history. A lot of the cheaper stores had versions for around 3,000円 but they weren’t great quality and didn’t have the laces. I ended up in Harajuku’s, La Foret (I missed you Sami, my shopping companion!! haha), and found the above pair in 「エフエー コレクション」 a cute shoe store on the 5F.
They offer a variety of shoes, and accessories. The store clerks were fashionable and very knowledgeable. I have had problems with Japanese shoes in the past, even though I’m only a tiny UK4, therefore I voiced my concerns to the store clerk but she was very helpful. And all for a reasonable 6,000円.
I won’t be updating this weekend, as I am visiting my family back home – late Birthday presents yay~!! But I promise my next update will be a lot more Gal specific, and a lot less about myself haha.