Well I am back, but unfortunately I have been struck down with flu so I apologise if my post’s aren’t up to their usual standards over the next few days ;D
During my visit back home I couldn’t stop thinking about a recent post Mitsu had made about the new Spring/Summer collection by MA*RS. When I first saw the post, I was entranced by the sheer Gal-ness of it all. That might sound a bit odd, but with Gal going in so many directions right now, it was nice to see something that was unique and purely Gal.
Of course I wasn’t new to MA*RS (which you can usually see in magazines such as Ageha). I just hadn’t shown a keen interest in it…until now. With it’s mixture of pinks, blacks and lace it really is the epitome of Ero-Kawaii. However…
My style is slightly more ใƒญใƒƒใ‚ฏ (a la Gilfy etc.) at the moment, but it reminded me of the way I used to dress a few years ago – when I first started at university. A bit girlier, and a lot sexier. Don’t get me wrong, the Rock look can be sexy just in a different way.
Anyway, I happened to pop into ZARA when I was back home – as the store in Norwich is a lot better to any I have come across near here (even Manchester). I don’t always shop at ZARA but some of the pieces caught my eye. For cute, affordable fashion it really is worth a look, especially as a lot of the new items are mirroring the Rock & Western looks that are showing up in Gal this season.
As I was browsing I came across some lace shorts, made to look like a skirt when worn…skorts haha. For me, this was perfect as I adore sexy, lacey short skirts, but I don’t love the chance of them blowing up so much – this is a real problem living in England during Winter haha. They immediately jumped out at me, as maybe this was the revival of my love for a sexier Gal.
I am currently planning coordinates (I constantly do this when I see/buy an item) and thinking about how I can incorporate these into my look. So you can expect some more MA*RS themed posts in the future ;D
I haven’t forgotten about what YOU have been asking for though.
The general consensus at the moment, seems to be;
  • Coordinates (from magazines, model’s etc.)
  • Shibuya 109 News (stores, trends etc.)
  • Update’s on Model’s (Jelly, Ageha etc.), more specifically from their blogs.
I will get round to doing more posts like this, just as soon as I am feeling a little better.
If you haven’t already left feedback about what you would like to see more of, please do so in the post below.

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