Celebrate the Spirit of Summer with Rekorderlig

Rekorderlig have been bringing us a tiny piece of Sweden for a couple of years now, surprising isn’t it. It feels like this amazing brand of premium fruit cider have been around forever. They’re my staple drink when I go out (and I don’t fancy a cocktail). This Summer they decided to bring a touch of Scandinavia to Brixton at the Grand Union’s cider garden.

The event was open to the public, and you may have noticed me tweeting about tickets during the lead up to it. That’s because I felt that it was the perfect way to spend a relaxing Summer weekend with friends. We went along on the Saturday and were greeted with some coupons for food and drink (which came with the ticket). Heading straight to the bar we decided to grab a couple of bottles – Wild Berries for me. Grabbing seats in one of the floral shacks, we sipped away as we chatted and people watched. Then we were treated to a pair of sunglasses and a floral crown. To complete the look, Lucy (the MUA at the event) painted some flowers on my arm; to represent the Swedish myth that placing seven different flowers under your pillow will result in finding your true love. Whereas I’ve already found mine, it was fun to take part.

The drinks were great, with several of Rekorderlig’s best sellers on offer. There were cocktails too, and I do love a good Rekorderlig cocktail, but at ¬£25 a pitcher it seemed a bit pricey. Instead we used the tokens given to us to grab a couple of bottles¬†and some nibbles. There wasn’t much food going round for some reason, and we kept getting the same dish come round to us but it didn’t dampen any spirits. I think the food was so good at Rekorderlig’s Swedish Forest event that I constantly compare it at all of their events. I know, I need a slap on the wrist! Overall we had a really nice time and it was a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon.

You can recreate your own Spirit of Summer at home with Rekorderlig.