Review: Collection Lip Butter in Perfect Plum & Cappuccino

Over the last year Collection has slowly worked most of it’s products into my make-up bag. This time it’s their new Work The Colour Lip Butter, which comes in 4 shades: Perfect Plum, Cappuccino, Popping Pink and Vintage Rose. They promise a “soft and cream texture that leaves lips feeling moisturised”, leaving you with the perfect pout. I tested out perfect plum and cappuccino.

+ Highly pigmented
+ Applies easily
+ Moisturising
+ Creamy texture

– Wears off eventually

I don’t own many lip crayons and no lip butters, so when these landed on my doorstep I wasn’t sure what to make of them. As indecisive as I was, I was still interested in trying them out. The packaging is simple and reminded me of crayons, which I thought was cute. The end of the stick twists to reveal more lip butter and the lids sit on well, although I wouldn’t suggest leaving these lying around in your handbag (as it comes off easily). The lip butters themselves are impressively pigmented, and apply well with no bleeding. The moisturising properties it claims are true, and the cream texture means it sits comfortably on the lips. All good so far, but unfortunately, like most lip products it fails at the final hurdle. The colour eventually wears off (and doesn’t last through eating/drinking) and leaves a slight stain on the lips. At £2.99 the price is great, I love the colour and texture too, but I don’t want to be re-applying it all the time. However I do like the look of the Vintage Rose shade, so I may pick up one of those up.

You can buy Collection’s Work The Colour Lip Butter at Boots.