My Current Beauty Faves | July 2016

Beauty FavesMy Current Beauty Faves | July 2016

Confession time! I don’t like watching beauty videos (unless it’s 100 Coats). I know I’m going against the grain here, but they just don’t appeal to me. That said, I’ve always appreciated a monthly favourites video. Basically I want my information short and sweet. I wanna know which products you loved this month, and which you hated. Since I don’t have the time to review every single beauty product I’m currently loving, I decided that a monthly Beauty Faves post was the best way to go about it.

My Beauty Faves | July

  • Sephora Express Drying Oil – Place a drop on newly painted nails and they dry within 1 minute. The perfect solution for clumsy ol’me.
  • Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream | Birthday Suit – The perfect matte lip cream. My perfect shade. The Sleek Matte Me lip creams do not budge through drinking and eating – no lie! I love it so much I’ve stocked up.
  • YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara | I’m The Clash #1* – I only ask for 2 things in a mascara. That it holds my lashes up – they point downwards usually – and that it doesn’t smudge. YSL have certainly come to my rescue with this one.
  • YSL Touche Eclat Concealer & Highlighter | Luminous Radiance #1*- Yes I know I’m late to hop on the bandwagon, but now I’m on it, I ain’t gettin off! This is the perfect tool to add a bit of luminosity to my face.
  • Barry M Gelly Nail Paint | Almond – This is a dupe of my favourite Nails Inc polish – everyone compliments this colour – and I honestly can’t tell the difference when it comes to shade or wear.  At £11 cheaper than it’s twin, I know which one I’ll be sticking with from now on.
  • Canmake Day & Night Treatment Lip Scrub – I picked this up in Japan and haven’t put it down since. It exfoliates my lips gently (it’s a sugar scrub), and prepares them for lipstick. Alternatively, I use it at night after removing my make-up – to prepare my lips for the following day.
  • Trilogy Daily Defence Moisturiser SPF15* – For a pale lady such as myself, a moisturiser containing SPF is a must! This day cream is thick, but absorbs quickly, and is the perfect base for my make-up.
  • CHANEL Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette – I’ve always loved this scent, and so does everyone else! I get numerous compliments when I spritz this on, and everyone says it’s lovely.
  • Collection Precision Contouring Crayon – This one is sneak peek! It isn’t out yet, but it will be soon. Trust me, if you contour, you NEED this crayon in your life. It applies smoothly, and blends like an angel.

There you have it! My July Beauty Faves. Keep an eye out for more beauty reviews and recommendations here.

Beauty Faves Beauty Faves Beauty Faves

Minimalist Chic: A Resolution

Matt and Nat Wallet* – The KeepStreet Hub
Mascara* – Maybelline | Eyeliner* – Collection | Highlighter* – BC | Lipstick* – W7
Early Grey & Cucumber Cologne – Jo Malone

Manicure Kit – Essie

Anthumbra necklace* – Clarice Price Thomas @ Parla
Ending 2014 with a big party was great, but it got me thinking about the reality of going back to work and having to eat regular food again – the horror! Seriously though, it’s no wonder people end up feeling down once the holidays end. Therefore I decided that I would fill January with exciting experiences, with friends and family. Of course that means getting dressed up, which is one of my favourite things to do. I ended 2014 with a strong, minimalist approach to style, which was reflected perfectly in my choice of accessories for my NYE party (see above photos). I plan to continue on the same path in 2015, with a few key accessories and a small, yet thorough beauty routine.

Beauty Hits of 2014

I’ve done a whole host of reviews this year for the beauty section of my blog, so it only seemed right to go back and take a look at some of the best. I’d like to say “it wasn’t easy” but the four products I chose are so good that I am still using today.
Essential’s Nuance Airy hair mask was a saviour for my bleached ends, and even though they’ve now been chopped off, I’m still using this beautifully scented product. My hair is smooth and soft, and I can’t wait to try out more of the brands products in 2015. Click the link above for the full review.
2014 saw a flashback to my high school beauty routine. Collection re-branded their best (in my opinion) item, and I was reminded of a product that I should never have forgotten about. I was sent several to trial, and after running out I saw myself running to the shops for more. I’m sold on this concealer, and I swear by it as an affordable, high-quality product. Click the link above for the full review.
Witch is another brand I thought I had left behind with my teenage hormones. Well it seems that my hormones have not had enough of me yet, as the occasional chin blemish likes to remind me. Instead of succumbing to my emotions and falling into a crying heap, I now just apply the blemish stick to my spots, and zap! they’re gone…within a few days anyway. Click the link above for the full review.
My final beauty hit of 2014 is one I would never have seen coming. I’ve never been a fan of Playboy as a brand, so when they invited me to the launch of their new cosmetics line I was curious to see what they had to offer. I’m a liquid liner addict and it’s a staple in my make-up routine, and Playboy’s is one of the best I’ve tried. It applies perfectly and stays put all day. It’s a keeper! Click the link above for the full review.

Review: Collection Lip Butter in Perfect Plum & Cappuccino

Over the last year Collection has slowly worked most of it’s products into my make-up bag. This time it’s their new Work The Colour Lip Butter, which comes in 4 shades: Perfect Plum, Cappuccino, Popping Pink and Vintage Rose. They promise a “soft and cream texture that leaves lips feeling moisturised”, leaving you with the perfect pout. I tested out perfect plum and cappuccino.

+ Highly pigmented
+ Applies easily
+ Moisturising
+ Creamy texture

– Wears off eventually

I don’t own many lip crayons and no lip butters, so when these landed on my doorstep I wasn’t sure what to make of them. As indecisive as I was, I was still interested in trying them out. The packaging is simple and reminded me of crayons, which I thought was cute. The end of the stick twists to reveal more lip butter and the lids sit on well, although I wouldn’t suggest leaving these lying around in your handbag (as it comes off easily). The lip butters themselves are impressively pigmented, and apply well with no bleeding. The moisturising properties it claims are true, and the cream texture means it sits comfortably on the lips. All good so far, but unfortunately, like most lip products it fails at the final hurdle. The colour eventually wears off (and doesn’t last through eating/drinking) and leaves a slight stain on the lips. At £2.99 the price is great, I love the colour and texture too, but I don’t want to be re-applying it all the time. However I do like the look of the Vintage Rose shade, so I may pick up one of those up.

You can buy Collection’s Work The Colour Lip Butter at Boots.

Review: Collection x Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette

Collection are back again with another Little Mix collaboration, and this time round we’re being treated to a new eyeshadow palette. It’s great to see that this collection has evolved along with Little Mix’s personal style. Their look is a lot more mature now than it was when they first started, and this is reflected in their choice of colours for the palette. The 6 shades vary from Feather (a subtle cream) to Blackbird (an intense black), but are all centred around creating a nude/smokey eye.

– Subtle, noticeable shades
– Applies well
– Long lasting
– Travel-friendly Packaging
– Perfect selection of shades

– No matte shadows in the palette

Nude palettes seem to be in abundance these days, but that hasn’t lessened my love for them. Little Mix and Collection’s offering is not much different to the others currently on sale, but the packaging alone drew me in. The travel-friendly size and flip lid make this the perfect palette for me to take away on holiday later this month. As for the shades, I love the choice of colours and even though I don’t often use black I know that I’ll definitely get plenty of use out of the others. The shades aren’t highly pigmented but I’m glad because I wouldn’t want that for my own personal use (in these colours). The lack of matte shadows in the palette did leave me a little sad, but this seems to be a regular occurrence with ‘drugstore’ brands as of late. That said, the glitter is quite subtle and is only noticeable (when worn) on the more yellow shades. I’ve been using this palette for the past few weeks (could you tell from the photos?) and I’m sold on it. At £3.19 this is the cheapest nude palette for this kind of quality. I’ll definitely be replacing it when this one runs out.

You can purchase the Collection Little Mix All About The Eyes Palette at Boots.

Review: Collection Mardi Grass Nail Polish

It seems like forever ago that I reviewed a nail polish, which makes me a little sad. I am a self confessed nail polish addict with a massive collection. I love themed collections and this Mardi Gras range from Collection cosmetics arrived at the perfect time to coincide with the gorgeous weather we’re having here. The limited edition range was released alongside the World Cup in Brazil, hence “Mardi Gras” – a carnival celebrated across the country. The collection only consists of three colours (white out, canary yellow and green with envy), but that’s more than enough to get you into the party spirit.
+ Bright and bold colours
+ Cute packaging
+ Good price point

– 2-3 coats needed 

Collection nail polishes are nothing new to me but I hadn’t tried such bold colours from them before. I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to white and yellow polishes, so I was eager to try something out of my comfort zone. Both polishes are vibrant, and that colour translates well onto nails. The application isn’t too bad, but unfortunately it does take 2-3 coats to get a good opaque look. As for chipping, I tested the polish with a top coat and without. The polish without a top coat did wear off slightly but I didn’t notice much chipping in the first few days. The nails with a top coat lasted longer, as you’d expect. Overall I’m quite impressed with this polish, and the price makes me very happy too. £1.99 is perfectly on point for those who want to pick up a new shade of polish to add to their collection. 
You can purchase Collection’s Mardi Gras nail polish range at Boots and Superdrug.

Review: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

A few days ago I reviewed the Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation. So it only seemed natural to review the concealer, as like the foundation, I have been won over. Collection says that their new concealer conceals flaws, imperfections & blemishes for up to 16 hours. That’s a pretty big claim, so did I make it through the whole day with perfect skin?

Before and after swatches on a freckle

+ Flawless finish
+ Conceals perfectly
+ Lasts the whole day
+ A little goes a long way

– Only 4 shades on offer

I used the older version of this years ago, and it was my go-to concealer for, well, years. I’m not sure why I stopped using it to be honest. Anyway, this new formula is even better. I’m beginning to think that Collection may have brought out the perfect ‘drugstore’ range for flawless skin, because this concealer lives up to the foundation and further. This concealed all my little blemishes, and even the red pigmentation on my cheeks. In fact it is so good that I stepped out this weekend only wearing this concealer. I felt so confident in my skin whilst wearing this that I didn’t feel the need to put any foundation on. Once again, I am going to complain about the lack of shades for those with darker skin tones – we can only hope Collection brings out some more shades in the future. The Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer retails at £4.19, and is definitely worth forgoing that morning coffee for.
You can purchase Collection’s Ultimate Wear Lasting Perfection Concealer in Superdrug and Boots.