Minimalist Chic: A Resolution

Matt and Nat Wallet* – The KeepStreet Hub
Mascara* – Maybelline | Eyeliner* – Collection | Highlighter* – BC | Lipstick* – W7
Early Grey & Cucumber Cologne – Jo Malone

Manicure Kit – Essie

Anthumbra necklace* – Clarice Price Thomas @ Parla
Ending 2014 with a big party was great, but it got me thinking about the reality of going back to work and having to eat regular food again – the horror! Seriously though, it’s no wonder people end up feeling down once the holidays end. Therefore I decided that I would fill January with exciting experiences, with friends and family. Of course that means getting dressed up, which is one of my favourite things to do. I ended 2014 with a strong, minimalist approach to style, which was reflected perfectly in my choice of accessories for my NYE party (see above photos). I plan to continue on the same path in 2015, with a few key accessories and a small, yet thorough beauty routine.