Tokyo Streets

Hello! こんにちは!Bonjour! Hej!

My name is Emma, or as some people like to call me, Bloomzy, and I live in London. I like to document my lifestyle in all of it’s weird & wonderful glory. That could mean anything from my London life, wellbeing advice, my travels, or the latest product I’m slapping on my face. From time to time I also like to write articles on blogging, social media and life in general. You’ll find these dotted around the blog with my other posts.

Of course, as much as I love living in London, I do often get itchy feet and end up haphazardly booking flights across the globe.

In 2019 I’ll be heading to:
  • Various Cities – Japan
  • Rotterdam – The Netherlands
  • Prague – Czech Republic
In previous years I have visited:

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I speak English, Japanese, and a little French (and I’m currently learning Welsh).
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I take my own photos, on my trusty Nikon D3200 & iPhone 8+.

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