A FEAST for The Eyes…and Mouth

For the last few years I have dreamt of visiting the handful of food festivals that pop up around London every year. However I was never able to because of work etc. So when I was offered tickets to FEAST (thank you Nuffnangon a free weekend, I knew I couldn’t resist. FEAST features the best of street food, restaurants, marketplace and bars all cozied up in East London’s renovated Tobacco Docks.

I arrived with Alex around 12, ready for the Friday morning/afternoon slot. We were greeted by a small selection of stalls outside, such as: The Breakfast Club and Primrose Bakery. Nothing new, but still some tried and tested favourites. As we ventured inside we spotted even more restaurants and street food vendors, offering up a selection of tasty looking grub. It was a little bit of a ghost town but we had secretly been hoping this would be the case, as we wanted to make the most of our time there.

Alex and I didn’t need much convincing which stall to stop at first, as we spotted The Frenchie. I’ve been dying to try their confit duck brioche burgers, and I was not disappointed. I can’t describe how delicious it was, but I can tell you that I am now addicted. Next stop was Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese, and although the portion was ridiculously large (we couldn’t even finish one between the two of us) we enjoyed the bacon and basil oil combo. After filling up on cheese, we decided that we would lay off the food for a bit, which is how we ended up at Comins Tea House for a tea masterclass. Being tea lovers we couldn’t resist it when we saw the amazing collection of loose leaf tea available. We sat down with Michelle and she talked us through a variety of teas and their origins. It was lovely to meet a fellow tea enthusiast, and one who has created a career out of it too. I really hope I can visit the Comins Tea House one day. After quenching our thirst we stopped by The Marshmallowists so I could buy one of their matcha coconut marshmallows for later, then it was off to Hutong for some tossed buckwheat noodles. I needed to cool my mouth down after enjoying their spicy and sour noodles, so we ended with a visit to Black Vanilla for some salted caramel gelato.

As a foodie I adore the idea of tons of street food vendors, small business and restaurants under one roof. However the concept of paying to enter FEAST (although my ticket was gifted) seemed a bit silly. Why would I want to pay to enter a venue where I have to spend money? The food we did try was amazing and I saw so many other dishes that I wanted to try, but my belly (and wallet) couldn’t handle it – I’d love to see cheaper bite size portions next time. There were a few stalls that were stated as attending on the website that weren’t actually there on the day, such as The Brulerie so I definitely need to track them down sometime. The vendors at FEAST were in abundance and they invited some really great companies to take part, many of whom I can’t wait to visit again. I certainly can’t pretend that I wouldn’t consider spending £10 to enter next time. Myself, and my stomach, left satisfied.