Trend Alert: Wavy Hair

You may have noticed it in your favourite magazine/on your favourite model; wavy hair is big right now. Think along the lines of surfer/boho chic, come blogger style meets the 90’s crimp-craze and you got it!

Edge Style
But don’t be mistaken in thinking that it’s limited to particular styles. Gal Models from Popteen to Happie Nuts are workin’ the wavy look. It may have started off slow, but Gal power-figures such as Momoko Ogihara & Romihi have shown that it certainly has staying power. 


How can you recreate it? When I tried out loose waves, I used only a hair iron which can actually be incredibly effective. You can also create a similar effect with a curling iron of course, but be careful not to tread into curl territory and keep it wavy. Plaiting/Putting your hair in buns overnight is also a possibility. 

Murua will soon be offering a special in-store novelty (see above picture) for their customers when they spend over 21,000円 (around £150); 3 barrelled iron – the kind that Momoko uses on her gorgeous locks, and has also been featured in various Gal mags. 



Popteen have also gone wave crazy, and included some great tutorials on how to re-create the perfect wave look for all different kinds of gal, in this months issue.

Will it last into A/W? I’m not sure. Personally I thought this would have died by now, as Autumn drew closer, but it seems to only be getting stronger. Of course as the colder weather hits, curls will be more do-able and maybe this kind of wavy hair is at its peak and will fade away soon, but for now and until I hear otherwise I’ll certainly be enjoying it

Discuss; Can Gaga be Gal?

In the August issue of Ageha, models Sakurina & Megu Fujigamori were transformed into ‘gal versions’ of Twiggy & Lady Gaga (which some of you may have seen on my tumblr). Alongside these were tutorials on how to re-create the look
I love it when Ageha does these, although they usually choose Japanese celebrities or fictional characters, so I thought this was a great topic for a discussion post

So what do you think? Can you gal-ise (new term?! haha) iconic people such as Twiggy and Gaga, and do you think these are the kind of looks you would want to do yourselves

Honestly in my opinion, it all seems like a bit of fun, but whichever way you look at it you gotta admit that both gals are lookin’ mighty fierce

Ageha top 10 meme….

Here is the ‘Ageha Top 10’ meme that Mitsu, Alanna and myself have decided to take up.
It was quite hard to think of a ‘Top 10’ and I realised that I couldn’t properly rank everything. So in no particular order…
I hope you will all post your top 10’s. I can’t wait to see them.
p.s. Would you guys be interested in seeing some translated scans?
I’m quite busy right now with university but I am hoping to help Mitsu with some translations soon…so let me know.


Well I am back, but unfortunately I have been struck down with flu so I apologise if my post’s aren’t up to their usual standards over the next few days ;D
During my visit back home I couldn’t stop thinking about a recent post Mitsu had made about the new Spring/Summer collection by MA*RS. When I first saw the post, I was entranced by the sheer Gal-ness of it all. That might sound a bit odd, but with Gal going in so many directions right now, it was nice to see something that was unique and purely Gal.
Of course I wasn’t new to MA*RS (which you can usually see in magazines such as Ageha). I just hadn’t shown a keen interest in it…until now. With it’s mixture of pinks, blacks and lace it really is the epitome of Ero-Kawaii. However…
My style is slightly more ロック (a la Gilfy etc.) at the moment, but it reminded me of the way I used to dress a few years ago – when I first started at university. A bit girlier, and a lot sexier. Don’t get me wrong, the Rock look can be sexy just in a different way.
Anyway, I happened to pop into ZARA when I was back home – as the store in Norwich is a lot better to any I have come across near here (even Manchester). I don’t always shop at ZARA but some of the pieces caught my eye. For cute, affordable fashion it really is worth a look, especially as a lot of the new items are mirroring the Rock & Western looks that are showing up in Gal this season.
As I was browsing I came across some lace shorts, made to look like a skirt when worn…skorts haha. For me, this was perfect as I adore sexy, lacey short skirts, but I don’t love the chance of them blowing up so much – this is a real problem living in England during Winter haha. They immediately jumped out at me, as maybe this was the revival of my love for a sexier Gal.
I am currently planning coordinates (I constantly do this when I see/buy an item) and thinking about how I can incorporate these into my look. So you can expect some more MA*RS themed posts in the future ;D
I haven’t forgotten about what YOU have been asking for though.
The general consensus at the moment, seems to be;
  • Coordinates (from magazines, model’s etc.)
  • Shibuya 109 News (stores, trends etc.)
  • Update’s on Model’s (Jelly, Ageha etc.), more specifically from their blogs.
I will get round to doing more posts like this, just as soon as I am feeling a little better.
If you haven’t already left feedback about what you would like to see more of, please do so in the post below.

Source; 1

Ageha Eye-Type, Make-up Tutorial Quiz….

I am currently having problems with my internet at home, therefore I am stealing my bf’s. This unfortunately means I have no access to the majority of my Gal resources, until I can be bothered to carry my Vaio all the way to his D:

So for now, here is a ‘Eye-Type, Make-up Tutorial Quiz’ as seen in Ageha, and translated by myself.
I translated this around a month ago, and whereas my Japanese is still only competent I enjoyed translating this (if you can correct/adjust my translation, please let me know). Simply follow the questions, and you will end up paired with an ‘eye type’ complete with a make-up tutorial to compliment your eyes perfectly.
Which eye-type/model were you paired with?

Question 1.
白目の広さは? The (white)space of your eyes…?
a. 広め外国人風 – In the style of a foreigner – large?
b. せまめで黒目がち – It and the Iris are narrow – Asian style?
Answer A: Go to question 4.
Answer B: Go to question 2.

Question 2. 
二重のくいこみは? The fold of your eyes…? (double eyelid)
a. 強い – Strong (noticeable)
b. 弱い – Weak (small)
Answer A: Go to question 3.
Answer B: Go to question 5.

Question 3.
目と目の距離は? The distance (separation) between your eyes…?
a. 離れめ – Separated (far apart)
b. 近め – Close together
Answer A: Go to question 6.
Answer B: You got Chihuahua eyes:

Question 4.
縦or横、どうちに大きい? The largest length is: vertical or horizontal? (which part of your eye is longest, horizontally across or vertically across?)
a. 横 (horizontal)
b. 縦 (vertical)
Answer A: Go to question 7.
Answer B: Go to question 5.

Question 5.
二重のかたちは? What shape are the fold of your eyes?
a. 末近型 (close at the end – inner eyelid?)
b. 平行型 (parallel)
Answer A: Go to question 6.
Answer B: Go to question 8.

Question 6.
蒙古ひだ(目頭の切れ込み)はある? Do you have a non-double eyelid?
a. あり (have)
b. なし (without)
Answer A: You got Rabbit eyes:
Answer B: You got Bambi eyes:

Question 7.
タレ目 ? ツリ目? Eyes that drop downward or upward?
a. タレ目 (drooping eyes, example:
b. ツリ目 (slanted upward eyes, example:
Answer A: Go to question 8.
Answer B: You got Cat eyes:

Question 8.
目とまゆげの距離は? What is the distance between your eyes and eyebrows?
a. 遠い (far)
b. 近い (close)
Answer A: Go to question 9.
Answer B: You got Mixed race eyes:

Question 9.
白目のハジとハジの高さは? The line from one side of your eye to the other?
a. 同じくらい (the same)
b. 目尻が高い (one corner is slightly higher)
Answer A: You got Doll eyes:
Answer B: You got Idol eyes: