Discuss; Can Gaga be Gal?

In the August issue of Ageha, models Sakurina & Megu Fujigamori were transformed into ‘gal versions’ of Twiggy & Lady Gaga (which some of you may have seen on my tumblr). Alongside these were tutorials on how to re-create the look
I love it when Ageha does these, although they usually choose Japanese celebrities or fictional characters, so I thought this was a great topic for a discussion post

So what do you think? Can you gal-ise (new term?! haha) iconic people such as Twiggy and Gaga, and do you think these are the kind of looks you would want to do yourselves

Honestly in my opinion, it all seems like a bit of fun, but whichever way you look at it you gotta admit that both gals are lookin’ mighty fierce