Review; Naked Palette

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally purchased the ‘Urban Decay Naked Palette’ on my way back from Paris

Alanna planted the seed on this one, as she so usually does with me and make-up and Firipa cemented it, after I read her posts on it. I had been looking in Sephora hoping it would be discounted in the sales, but luckily, thanks to duty free, I managed to get it for £40£26!! 

As you can see this is the 12 eyeshadow set (with 5 new shades), which comes with the good karma eyeshadow brush (which is great) as opposed to the other version which has only 10 shadows but comes with the glide on eye pencil
The shades range from Virgin (nude satin) to Gunmetal (dark grey metallic) in mattes, shimmers and glitters…

 A colour for every occasion!
But it doesn’t end there, the palette also comes with…
The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion!

This is great because even though the shadows are lovely by themselves, they work even better with a primer and of course they’ll stay longer too.
Swatch Time!
…with primer

Virgin to Darkhorse
Toasted to Gunmetal

I am so impressed by the shadows in this palette. There’s something for everyone, and every occasion. Not only that but the shadows are really pigmented – the above were done with only a swipe of my finger. I’m not surprised that some people pay the full £40 for it, it’s definitely worth it
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