Trend Alert: Wavy Hair

You may have noticed it in your favourite magazine/on your favourite model; wavy hair is big right now. Think along the lines of surfer/boho chic, come blogger style meets the 90’s crimp-craze and you got it!

Edge Style
But don’t be mistaken in thinking that it’s limited to particular styles. Gal Models from Popteen to Happie Nuts are workin’ the wavy look. It may have started off slow, but Gal power-figures such as Momoko Ogihara & Romihi have shown that it certainly has staying power. 


How can you recreate it? When I tried out loose waves, I used only a hair iron which can actually be incredibly effective. You can also create a similar effect with a curling iron of course, but be careful not to tread into curl territory and keep it wavy. Plaiting/Putting your hair in buns overnight is also a possibility. 

Murua will soon be offering a special in-store novelty (see above picture) for their customers when they spend over 21,000円 (around £150); 3 barrelled iron – the kind that Momoko uses on her gorgeous locks, and has also been featured in various Gal mags. 



Popteen have also gone wave crazy, and included some great tutorials on how to re-create the perfect wave look for all different kinds of gal, in this months issue.

Will it last into A/W? I’m not sure. Personally I thought this would have died by now, as Autumn drew closer, but it seems to only be getting stronger. Of course as the colder weather hits, curls will be more do-able and maybe this kind of wavy hair is at its peak and will fade away soon, but for now and until I hear otherwise I’ll certainly be enjoying it