Inspiration: Japanese Fashion Trends

I think a lot of people see Japanese fashion as being ‘wacky’ or ‘weird’. Well sure, sometimes it might seem that way, but I’m here to debunk that myth. Some of my favourite Japanese magazines are showing similarities with British trends. That means it’s even more accessible (and imitable) for those who enjoy Japanese fashion.
Recently I started reading Japanese fashion magazines CUTiE and Jelly again. I was surprised to see a lot of items that could easily be found on the UK high street. Sure, you’ll never find everything, but that’s part of the fun of styling a look to suit you. I love the way these looks have been styled and how each one has it’s own unique point. In Japanese magazine lingo ‘point’ means a specific part of the look that perfects the outfit. It’s usually an item that is on-trend, for example: a pastel pink coat that frames your look. I like this idea and usually centre an outfit around a specific item of clothing or accessory.
Of course at the end of the day I just love getting inspiration from these magazines. It’s a nice change from British magazines that just don’t seem to be as fun, or as inspiring. There is also a great variety of Japanese fashion magazines for different looks and styles. Right now I really love the looks and styling I’m seeing in ViVi, SCawaii, Jelly and CUTiE.
You can buy Japanese fashion magazines on eBay or from the Japan Centre.
Unfortunately they’re usually overpriced online, but there are resources to view them online.

Trend; JELLY’s BEST 10!

The December issue of JELLY offered an insight into their top 10 fashion codes for the season. Including ways to stay stylish & warm.
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

Oversized (boyfriend) blazer x Denim shorts x Military boots/Creepers

Maxi knit x T-shirt x Coloured shorts

Knit onepiece x Ankle boots

Loose knit x ‘Old man’ trousers x Flat shoes

Collared top x ‘Under Knee’ skirt

Hat x Blouse x Wide trousers

Leopard print top x Coloured bottom

‘Different material’ top x Maxi pleated skirt

2 Colour shirt x ‘Mannish’ trousers

‘Volume’ Outer x Design tights
There you have it.
Plenty of ideas to stay stylish, warm and casual this season. 
I do feel some of the codes are a little over-done (blazers/knits x shorts), however I do like the androgynous looks that have been popping up; easy to re-create and always chic, not to mention also in fashion in Europe/America. 
Will you be trying any of these looks?
Looks #5, #8 and #9 are my personal favourites!

Source; 1

Inspiration; JELLY

I love the model codes that pop-up on the official JELLY English Facebook page.
The behind-the-scenes photographs come a close second.
It certainly looks like motherhood hasn’t changed Maya Mori and Yuki Yamamoto when it comes to personal style. They still look amazing, and I have to say that I think I prefer their style now.

Trend Alert: Wavy Hair

You may have noticed it in your favourite magazine/on your favourite model; wavy hair is big right now. Think along the lines of surfer/boho chic, come blogger style meets the 90’s crimp-craze and you got it!

Edge Style
But don’t be mistaken in thinking that it’s limited to particular styles. Gal Models from Popteen to Happie Nuts are workin’ the wavy look. It may have started off slow, but Gal power-figures such as Momoko Ogihara & Romihi have shown that it certainly has staying power. 


How can you recreate it? When I tried out loose waves, I used only a hair iron which can actually be incredibly effective. You can also create a similar effect with a curling iron of course, but be careful not to tread into curl territory and keep it wavy. Plaiting/Putting your hair in buns overnight is also a possibility. 

Murua will soon be offering a special in-store novelty (see above picture) for their customers when they spend over 21,000円 (around £150); 3 barrelled iron – the kind that Momoko uses on her gorgeous locks, and has also been featured in various Gal mags. 



Popteen have also gone wave crazy, and included some great tutorials on how to re-create the perfect wave look for all different kinds of gal, in this months issue.

Will it last into A/W? I’m not sure. Personally I thought this would have died by now, as Autumn drew closer, but it seems to only be getting stronger. Of course as the colder weather hits, curls will be more do-able and maybe this kind of wavy hair is at its peak and will fade away soon, but for now and until I hear otherwise I’ll certainly be enjoying it

Trend Alert: Mix those Colours!!

Magazines such as Edge Style, Jelly, Blenda and Happie Nuts have been going crazy over mixing colours lately. A trend which has been popular with Western designer brands this year too – check out Tori’s post
So what are the basics and how can you get the look
Obviously this is better suited to a more Otona look and is popular in Mode styles, but I really think that anyone can work this kind of look into their wardrobe
The trick to achieving the look is to mix bold, block colours such as; yellow x pink, blue x red, purple x orange etc. etc. And it’s not just tops and bottoms that count – bold coloured shoes, handbags and accessories also make a statement
Mixing black/white with bold colours is also prominent in a lot of magazines right now. Patterned items (florals, stripes, polka dot) in bold colours is also big, especially when paired with black top or bottom layers This leans it more towards a mode look than high-fashion
JELLY’s ‘white top, coloured bottom’ feature

Happie Nuts & Blenda
The possibilities are endless, just go with the flow and pair whatever you think looks best. My favourite combo right now is turqouise x pink


This month’s issue of JELLY featured the current items their style team and readers are trying to get their hands on. Fancy a peek?

Click pictures to enlarge!

1, 2, 3
  1. Chiffon Tunics
  2. Border Tops
  3. Crochet Tops
  1. Laguna Moon, Duras, LOVE BOAT
  2. Barak, Cecil McBee, Titty&Co
  3. Cecil McBee, BACKS, Lip Service
Which Trends?
  1. French Mix, Casual
  2. Retro Marine, Resort Casual
  3. Ethnic, Blogger

 4, 5, 6
  1. American Flag Print Tops
  2. Lace Tops
  3. Loose Knits
  1. Barak, muse muse by Royal Party, Gimlet
  2. Laguna MoonDuras, Dazzlin
Which Trends?
  1. American Casual, Rock
  2. Mexican Mix, Mode
  3. Simple Casual, Vintage

Cropped Tops  
Something which is popular every Summer, with all trends. JELLY show how to coordinate it with a simple black maxi, but the options are endless.
Cinched waist tops & dresses

A cute coordinate for most casual Summer looks. JELLY suggest mini-rompers but you’ll find plenty of dresses and tops in most stores sporting the same look.
– Mitsu mentions the crochet trend in one of her latest posts.
– Hana of Hanalovely tells us about Barak and her reasons for loving the brand.

Say hello to GLiA!

My copy of GLiA arrived today from my lovely Japanese friend (thank you~), so I thought I would do a little write up about it…
So what is GLiA? It’s the lastest Gal magazine to hit the shelves and it comes from the makers of EGG to which it is the ‘older sister‘. That may sound a bit odd, I mean how can a magazine be an ‘older sister’?! 
Well it’s quite simple actually. It’s a more mature version of what you would usually find featured in Egg, and is aimed at 20+ rather than the ‘teen’ crowd Egg usually goes for – like PopSister is to Popteen.

Click on pictures to enlarge!

Who are the models? The makers didn’t want to stray too far from their roots, so they picked a handful of well-known models from Egg and a few other gorgeous Gals. Like PopSister, they carried over one of their most successful models to be the spokeswoman, and that was…ろみひ, of course!
She has been with the magazine for years and has always been a fan favourite. Recently her style has matured, along with herself and so she was the perfect choice for GLiA.

Yumachi and Aina join in along with other models such as; Anna Fujita, Yenah Hirano, Iena Hirai, Reina Kizu and more.

And the content…the content is great!!


I thought ‘night snaps’ was a nice idea.
I wanna know what people are partyin’ in!

 Plenty of street snaps (9 pages!), categorised in ways such as;
shop staff, outer, hair pieces etc.



How to wear this seasons hair accessories.

With 14 pages worth of hair and make-up tutorials, I was sold!!
I don’t think many Gal mags offer enough tutorials, and even though some of the make-up in GLiA did look a little similar there was still plenty to choose from and practise with. The hair tutorials were great and had a range of styles for long and short hair.

– final thoughts? – 

As it’s a new magazine on the scene it has been compared to other more well-known ones, which is a little unfair. Even so I felt that GLiA holds it own against the other rivals. Slight warning though, don’t expect the content to be like EGG because it really isn’t…apart from the models. It’s more along the lines of Jelly and Happie Nuts. Although I think it has a more refreshing and appealing layout to some similar magazines that like to cram in as much as possible.

If it manages to keep up with the same layout and content it brought out in this issue I think it will soon become a firm favourite~♥

And with a slogan such as; 「Glia is… no rule woman’s style bible」 I think it’s certainly going to try it’s best!!

Disclaimer: I didn’t upload the whole magazine as there were so many great pieces that it’s definitely worth investing in for yourself. I also apologise for the photos – I don’t have a scanner here in Paris.