Trend Alert: Mix those Colours!!

Magazines such as Edge Style, Jelly, Blenda and Happie Nuts have been going crazy over mixing colours lately. A trend which has been popular with Western designer brands this year too – check out Tori’s post
So what are the basics and how can you get the look
Obviously this is better suited to a more Otona look and is popular in Mode styles, but I really think that anyone can work this kind of look into their wardrobe
The trick to achieving the look is to mix bold, block colours such as; yellow x pink, blue x red, purple x orange etc. etc. And it’s not just tops and bottoms that count – bold coloured shoes, handbags and accessories also make a statement
Mixing black/white with bold colours is also prominent in a lot of magazines right now. Patterned items (florals, stripes, polka dot) in bold colours is also big, especially when paired with black top or bottom layers This leans it more towards a mode look than high-fashion
JELLY’s ‘white top, coloured bottom’ feature

Happie Nuts & Blenda
The possibilities are endless, just go with the flow and pair whatever you think looks best. My favourite combo right now is turqouise x pink