Wish List: EMODA

A selection of items from the EMODA Global Webstore

Emoda is a brand that I have been a fan of for several years.
Based in Japan, they have now opened up their global webstore (in English).
This means that fans outside of Japan, and newcomers can buy and order items to their country.
When the store first launched it was filled with mostly basic items, but since the opening more items have been added. The store still doesn’t feature the full collection that you might see in-store/on the Japanese webstore, but it is slowly building up. It’s likely that more pieces will be added if the team see a market for it.
The webstore also offers members the chance to collect points, much like you would be able to do in-store. After you have accrued over 500 points you can spend them on any future purchase you make – 500 points = 500yen discount.
The reason I choose the items I did is because they were cute basics that I could easily coordinate with my own items. To be honest I already have a necklace exactly like the Emoda one, but I still wouldn’t mind adding it to my collection. My favourite pieces have to be the mixed texture t-shirt and the floral print dress. They both really stood out to me.
You can browse Emoda’s new global webstore here.

Current Inspiration

Please excuse the mess that is me piling a bunch of photos together.
I just wanted to visualise some of my current inspirations, which are:
Girly mixed with boyish, patterned tights, flowers, bright colours, gradients, feminine lingerie,
monochrome, black on black, gold, pearls and studs, polka dots, orange & white,
stiletto nails, comfy t-shirts, petals, purple, brightly coloured food and pastels.
As you can see my inspirations don’t just come from fashion or beauty. Of course when I say inspiration it doesn’t necessarily mean fashion-wise. I love surrounding myself with things that inspire me, and I think that does ultimately translate into my personal style, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t take inspiration for other aspects of my life.
These images are not mine, and were taken from my Tumblr, Style Saint & Pinterest.
Feel free to add me on any or all.

OOTD: Mode Foremost

Dress: Juriano Jurrie | Shorts: H&M | Wedges: Internacionale | Earrings: Topshop
Oh my gosh, she’s wearing white!!
Yes, I have outdone myself by using white in this outfit, although I did have to add some black. I’m not a fan of white dresses actually. I think they look nice, but I’m always scared of getting them dirty. Amazingly, I managed to overcome that fear today so I could wear this. It’s one of my favourite items. The shape is very flattering and I always feel comfortable and stylish in it, even though it’s a pretty simple piece. Of course that also means that it’s always in season – lucky me!
I wasn’t sure whether to post a full body pic today, as my cheeks are a little swollen & puffy. Yesterday I had an horrendous tooth ache all day, even after visiting the emergency dentist. He managed to fix things temporarily, but the anaesthetic & medicine wore off straight away (a problem I’ve had since I was little) so I was in pain for most of the day. Hence the lack of posts. It’s feeling a bit better today, let’s hope it lasts!

Murua S/S Collection 2012

 Murua Spring/Summer Collection 2012 – Flower Girl

Murua have been one of my favourite Japanese brands since their debut.
This season doesn’t see my love faltering at all, in fact I think it may have grown a little. Whereas I don’t exactly see the ‘Flower Girl’ concept (lost in translation, maybe?) throughout the entire collection, I do like what they’ve come out with for S/S 2012. 
I love how a lot of the pieces can be dressed up or down, which will no doubt appeal to girls who want to spend on their favourite brand but don’t have money to throw about. The use of monochrome, as always, reigns supreme in Murua, although this season we also see the use of pastels…and a lone pair of neon wedges. Murua also jump on the bandwagon with their variation of the always popular creepers, offering a wedge version, which I must have.
The pastel chinos, crop top, washed out denim shirt and 90s style dress are easily found overseas for those who don’t have access to the brand. Topshop and Urban Outfitters being my recommendation.

Source; 1

Momoko Premium Vol.2

Pictures, not scans, of my favourite pages from the book/magazineMook
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

Top to bottom; Coquettish girls, Twiggy-style code sketches, Celebrities in Murua, Shop-staff codes, Momoko’s – story, favourite pieces, home, make-up, hair & codes.

Where to buy: CD Japan

MURUA トップス ♥

I’m loving Murua’s top collection right now, and how they place a coordinate pic of each one (see +code) on the webstore – makes it a bit more inspirational and seeing a good code of an item I like always seals the deal for me. Casual ~ Chic designs 

They also help international customers buy from the webstore – makes it that much sweeter

Source; 1

Inspiration; Momoko Ogihara ♥

A few people have asked me lately to make some inspirations posts, which I was excited about because I love seeing other peoples~
For my first inspiration post, I’m going to feature Momoko Ogihara as I have a big girl crush on her because I’m really feeling Murua and her personal style right now
Gotta get me one of those Murua iPhone covers

I have been loving wavy hair for a couple of months and Momoko carrys it off so well…and if you want to know how she does it, check out the beast of a hair iron she uses in my latest tweet

Also love her simple up-dos & make-up

Great use of accessories & love her nails

If there’s one thing that I have been inspired by since I first began following her blog, it has to be her make-up

It’s dramatic without being too ott. I like a look that can carry from day into night and I think she usually does this pretty well. She also wears some of the best contacts out there right now, I always find myself envious of them & wanting to know which ones she’s wearing. Anyone else agree?

And of course I adore her fashion sense. I always look forward to an update on her blog with new coordinates. She always makes her outfits look so effortlessly chic/on trend. My favourites right now have to be: her use of the Murua pearl collar & what I see as her version of ‘blogger’

I know that a lot of people aren’t into Mode (in gal), which is fair enough. I personally like it as it fits my personality and lifestyle a bit more than other styles right now…and Momoko is really representin