Inspiration; Momoko Ogihara ♥

A few people have asked me lately to make some inspirations posts, which I was excited about because I love seeing other peoples~
For my first inspiration post, I’m going to feature Momoko Ogihara as I have a big girl crush on her because I’m really feeling Murua and her personal style right now
Gotta get me one of those Murua iPhone covers

I have been loving wavy hair for a couple of months and Momoko carrys it off so well…and if you want to know how she does it, check out the beast of a hair iron she uses in my latest tweet

Also love her simple up-dos & make-up

Great use of accessories & love her nails

If there’s one thing that I have been inspired by since I first began following her blog, it has to be her make-up

It’s dramatic without being too ott. I like a look that can carry from day into night and I think she usually does this pretty well. She also wears some of the best contacts out there right now, I always find myself envious of them & wanting to know which ones she’s wearing. Anyone else agree?

And of course I adore her fashion sense. I always look forward to an update on her blog with new coordinates. She always makes her outfits look so effortlessly chic/on trend. My favourites right now have to be: her use of the Murua pearl collar & what I see as her version of ‘blogger’

I know that a lot of people aren’t into Mode (in gal), which is fair enough. I personally like it as it fits my personality and lifestyle a bit more than other styles right now…and Momoko is really representin