Review: Wing Series – Green Circle Lenses

Green OL-103 Wing Series colour contact lenses
Power/Prescription: 0.00 (plano) ~ -10.00
Lens Usage: Up to 12 months (depending on care)
Base Curve Radius: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.00mm
Water Content: 38%

I have blue-grey eyes, so the effect may differ on those with darker eyes.

The Wing Series (by GEO) features a darker outer rim giving a larger more defined look. However it creates a more natural colour by evening out the tones.

I would recommend these lenses for those who want an enlarging effect without it being too much. I also happen to think that they work well with most gal styles as they’re so adaptable.

Now onto the pictures…
These were all taken mid-morning, in Summer lighting, without flash…

I had previously tried out the grey lenses in this series and wasn’t too happy with the look, but these were perfect for my eye colour. They blended really well and looked natural, they even enlarged my eyes a little with the dark outer edge, which is something other natural-look lenses don’t usually offer.
These were very comfortable. I wore these for a trial when I met with some friends and it was a very hot day, and my allergies were crazy. However I had my handy eye drops with me and after a few drops the itchy/dry eyes I usually get along with allergies were gone. The lenses themselves felt great; it was like I wasn’t wearing any at all.
If it is your first time wearing lenses, take it slowly and wear them for only a few hours each day so your eyes will get used to them. I wouldn’t suggest wearing your lenses for too long unless you know it will be ok, and if they get dry just pop some contact lens-friendly eye solution in – never use water!

I loved these lenses. Mukuchu know me well, I adore green lenses and these did not let me down – a perfect choice on their part. They were comfortable, looked great and were natural whilst still enlarging my eyes slightly and making them stand out. These have now replaced my old favourites!!

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