OOTD: Mode Foremost

Dress: Juriano Jurrie | Shorts: H&M | Wedges: Internacionale | Earrings: Topshop
Oh my gosh, she’s wearing white!!
Yes, I have outdone myself by using white in this outfit, although I did have to add some black. I’m not a fan of white dresses actually. I think they look nice, but I’m always scared of getting them dirty. Amazingly, I managed to overcome that fear today so I could wear this. It’s one of my favourite items. The shape is very flattering and I always feel comfortable and stylish in it, even though it’s a pretty simple piece. Of course that also means that it’s always in season – lucky me!
I wasn’t sure whether to post a full body pic today, as my cheeks are a little swollen & puffy. Yesterday I had an horrendous tooth ache all day, even after visiting the emergency dentist. He managed to fix things temporarily, but the anaesthetic & medicine wore off straight away (a problem I’ve had since I was little) so I was in pain for most of the day. Hence the lack of posts. It’s feeling a bit better today, let’s hope it lasts!