OOTD: Style It Like You Mean It

Maxi Dress – Gal Fit, Japan | Shirt – Internacionale | Bag* – Oasap | Necklace* – Oasap

First off I would like to apologise for the poor quality of these photos. I almost cried seeing the difference between these taken on my iPhone and ones taken on my camera. Unfortunately my camera broke at the weekend, due to a fault that apparently occurs in the Olympus E-PL1. It’s been a trusty camera but I’m sad to see it go, especially as it’s a stupid problem with the camera. Anyway, I’ll be using my iPhone in the meantime as I’ll need to save for a new camera.
I didn’t get a chance to take a proper photo of today’s outfit, so here is the next best thing. I know this is laid out more like a style post, but I think you can all see where I’m coming from. I found my maxi dress from Japan recently – the only one I’ve ever found for my height – amazing. The cross detail on the back of this dress was also a big reason why I bought it, it’s simple but chic. I also found this shirt I bought around a year or so ago from Internacionale and wore once, if that. Sometimes it’s quite satisfying to get some use out of old items you haven’t seen for a while. The bag and necklace are new items from Oasap though, so I’m mixing old with new.
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OOTD: Bright & Bold

(Jumper: The Lazy Ones, Skirt: Internacionale, Boots: Oasap*, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Hat: Topshop)
Ok, you got me, this is actually Saturday’s outfit of the day.
I wanted to show off my name necklace before I posted this, so…
As I was heading to the Tatty Devine workshop I wanted to dress accordingly.
That meant neon and gold, as I was going to be creating my own neon & gold creation.
Of course, my new cropped jumper from The Lazy Ones had to make an appearance.
I paired it with my crazy black & gold  Hieroglyph pencil skirt from Internacionale.
And my new amazingly gorgeous gold toed boots from Oasap.
All in all I think I carried off the theme quite well.
I also made an amazing new necklace to add to my collection.
Stay tuned for another post this week, featuring it!
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Style: Playing with Fashion

(Top: Oasap*, High Waisted Shorts: eBay, Creepers: Oasap* Hat: Topshop)

(Top: Oasap*, Skirt: H&M, Wedges: Internacionale, Handbag: Off Brand)

Recently I received a couple of new tops and straight away I started thinking about how to coordinate them.
I love seeing a selection of items laid out to create an outfit, so I though I might try and give it a go myself.
I decided to create 2 very simple but fashionable looks – one is more of a rock look, the other more feminine.
Look #1
Lately I love pairing baggy stylish t-shirts with my rugged vintage high waist shorts.
I decided to go for a fashionably grunge (in the loosest sense) look, using my creepers and mini roller hat. 
This just seems like a very casual and easy look to re-create, but still individual and memorable.
I’d accessorise with: a chunky gold chain and plenty of rings!
Look #2
I love monochrome looks, so this was my inspiration for this outfit.
Keeping in with this seasons leather trend, I paired a simple silk top with a pleated faux leather skirt.
To top it off I picked my favourite wedges and a white & gold quilted handbag; cute and feminine.
I’d accessorise with: a delicate necklace & bracelet, and big earrings!
I could easily have seen myself wearing either of these outfits to London fashion week.
Would they have garnered attention? I don’t know, but I do know that I’d have felt fabulous!

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OOTD: Autumn is here!

(Coat: from Taiwan, Top: Topshop, Shorts: eBay, Shoes: Internacionale, Accessories: Marc Jacobs & eBay)

I think this is probably the first time I’ve been seen in a coat on OOTD?!
Well unfortunately the weather has called for it in the last few days – Autumn is here already!
That’s ok though as there are some fabulous coats, jackets and cardigans out this season and I love layering.
I guess when I put this outfit together I wasn’t too sure what the weather would be like.
Shorts & tight combos are a saviour in A/W though so I knew I couldn’t lose by choosing them.
Lately I’ve fallen for simple outfits with one main point of focus – for me that’s this belt.
I also like the idea of investing in a few key items, which you can work into various looks.
I definitely think I’ll be doing that with this belt as it’s so versatile, and screams out ‘fashion!’ to me.
I’m hoping this post will mark the re-posting of my OOTD posts.
I kind of paused for a little while, for no reason in particular – oh well!

OOTD: Mode Foremost

Dress: Juriano Jurrie | Shorts: H&M | Wedges: Internacionale | Earrings: Topshop
Oh my gosh, she’s wearing white!!
Yes, I have outdone myself by using white in this outfit, although I did have to add some black. I’m not a fan of white dresses actually. I think they look nice, but I’m always scared of getting them dirty. Amazingly, I managed to overcome that fear today so I could wear this. It’s one of my favourite items. The shape is very flattering and I always feel comfortable and stylish in it, even though it’s a pretty simple piece. Of course that also means that it’s always in season – lucky me!
I wasn’t sure whether to post a full body pic today, as my cheeks are a little swollen & puffy. Yesterday I had an horrendous tooth ache all day, even after visiting the emergency dentist. He managed to fix things temporarily, but the anaesthetic & medicine wore off straight away (a problem I’ve had since I was little) so I was in pain for most of the day. Hence the lack of posts. It’s feeling a bit better today, let’s hope it lasts!

OOTD: Crystals & Leather

Top: Internacionale | Skirt: Miss Selfridge | Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Here is today’s outfit…well last nights. I don’t often post my ‘night’ outfits on here, so I thought it might make a change. I was just going for a meal with the fiancé so hopefully I didn’t look too OTT…or gothic, in all black.
The shirt is a sheer material with gold & ‘crystal’ studs dotted all over it. Add my mini faux-leather skirt, deadly panther court shoes & Marc Jacobs bracelet, and you’re done! I even took a chance with the weather and went bare legged, for the first time in months. Very liberating! Altogether nothing too fancy, but not something I personally would put together for a casual day outfit.
What do you guys like to wear for a night out?