Discuss: ‘Snaggletooth’ Trend

We all know that Japan loves their trends and fads, nothing new there. The most recent ‘trend’ that seems to be the in-topic of discussion lately, is the ‘snaggletooth’ trend. Snaggletooth is an American term, which refers to pointing out or crooked teeth (prominent canines). In Japan it is called Tsuke Yaeba. This isn’t a new trend, but it has become so popular that a new girl group has been created around the term – check out TYB48 (see what they did there?) in the above photo. They were chosen through a dental clinic that specializes in the trend.
Dental care isn’t that amazing in Japan, and wonky teeth are quite common, although braces are becoming more popular with younger generations. So whereas the term has negative connotations in the West, a lot of Japanese people find it cute and endearing. Why?! Well apparently a more ‘homely’ look attracts more suitors.
Kirsten Dunst & Japanese Idol Tomomi Itano
The trend has become so popular in Japan that a dental surgery in Tokyo’s luxurious Ginza district has started offering it as a service. Women have been spending around $400 on treatments that will allow them to achieve the look. Don’t worry though their teeth aren’t pulled around and moved about! Plastic caps are placed over the teeth to create the effect.
I personally think it’s sweet that ‘wonky teeth’ aren’t seen as unattractive in Japan, and there isn’t as much pressure on having perfect whites. However I am someone who went through having braces etc. to improve my teeth. I also don’t like the idea of altering this kind of part of my body, just to be seen as attractive, so I personally wouldn’t do it. 

What do you think of the trend?
Would you be willing to alter your body just to stay fashionable, or find a partner?

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