Time for another GETS! post

My friends saw this and thought of me 


 Love these, they’re so simple but cute.
Perfect for a retro girly code as well!
Detail (back)

A friend and I both bought one, of course!

My ‘hipster shawl’ haha 
I adore this, it’s so comfy!

These look much better on

High waisted shorts, again look better on


Sephora Sales!!

Just some lipbalm which I can carry in my bag 

White & Pink eye pencils

Silver glitter eyeliner & black eyeliner…
I bought the turquoise one a few days later

These are old, but I never posted them so…

Anna Sui ‘Dolly Girl’ lipstick & oil control paper
 And a small gift from my boyfriendfiance

Dark chocolate bear filled with chocolate nuts/choc coffee beans

If you want reviews of any of the make-up let me know!