Candydoll x Tsubasa are releasing a new product.
This time it is Lamè Glitter, in two shades: Champagne & Rainbow – the glitter isn’t only for your face either. Candydoll says that you can use it for body, hair and nails.
I like the concept behind the advertising for the glitter, but am I the only one who thinks that Tsu-chan looks a little off in the Rainbow photoshoot?
Anyways, if you order before 6pm on the 23rd April you can get free shipping – This is of course only for Japan, but it’s still a good offer even if you’re using a shopping service.
Tsu is wearing Dollywink #1 top lashes, #5 bottom lashes
Well Tsubasa has updated her blog again, showing it off.
I’ll let you make your own decisions, but I personally think it would better suit someone who isn’t as pale.
Tsubasa also gives out instructions on how to use Candydoll blushers/highlighters for that perfect Spring look:
  1. Use a large brush and quickly apply a sweep of Peach Pink (top left).
  2. Then use a small brush and apply Strawberry Pink (centre).
  3. Use the purple highlighter (top right) gently against the inside of the cheek.
  4. Then use the Cream Beige (bottom left) to sweep a thin line down the centre of the nose.
Also, if you’re a fan of collection everything Tsubasa/Candydoll – there is a limited release orange and white stripe cased powder…just incase you didn’t like the original black and white ;D
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