Coordinates and Model Updates….

First off I’d just like to apologise for my absence. I’ve had a rather busy weekend, which was full of Birthday Parties and stress (you’ll know all about the latter if you have me on facebook, lol). But things have calmed down at the moment, so hopefully I can start posting regularly again.

I thought I would post a few of my recent coordinates.
The first is a lovely floral Spring dress that I bought a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I tried it on, I had to have it. The colours are so bright and the print is gorgeous. I also love how it fits, which means it looks equally as nice without a belt – although next time I’m going to belt-up haha.
The second is a coordinate I wore to a friends party. I wore my ‘Glad News’ inspired fast-fashion onpiece from Donki (see the Sakurina reference below). I paired it with lace leggings for a different look this time.
Lastly, todays coordinate. I wore a coordinate that I haven’t done for a while. I was re-inspired when Samispo0n posted a picture from last months NUTS that reminded her of my coordinate. I also paired it with my black studded hat and a blazer.
Model Updates
I just wanted to post a couple of pictures that caught my eye whilst browsing some Gal blogs recently….I really wish they would update more, with new products/ventures etc.
Sakurina has dyed her hair again. It’s cute and it suits her but the close-up of black and red makes it look a little dirty, sorry Sakurina – I love youuuu haha. Also, check out her ‘Glad News’ onepiece – I’m so pleased I got that now, much cheaper and the new prints they’re coming out with are gorgeous and mean it will last into Spring hopefully.
I also wanted to post these pics of Tsubasa, when she was in Okinawa. Such a simple coordinate but it gives off such a Spring vibe. Motherhood is doing wonders for her, she looks gorgeous. Also, do I see an Eiffel Tower on her nails?! Maybe to celebrate her new photobook – CUTE!!
I’m also crushing on Chinatsu’s make-up atm. That gurl sure knows what to do , and she has such variety, love it. I especially like her use of all the different eyelashes she has, and the nude lip – which I’m far too pale to try but do adore when done properly.
Finally, a big thank you…
To Samispo0n, who gave me a belated Birthday present this weekend. She’s too good to me.
I looked everywhere in Tokyo for the Dollywink eyelash case, but never had the luck of finding one. Now I have somewhere to store my eyelashes, which I have started wearing more often – you might be pleased to know ;D
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