FHF & Hair Tutorial Scans….

Fashion Hime Friday
A big thank you to Sara Mari, who featured me on this weeks ‘Fashion Hime Friday‘.
I’m sure you all know about Sara’s amazing blog already, but if you don’t then definitely check it out.
Hair Tutorial Scans
I was looking through some scans from April’s issue of AGEHA and I saw some pretty simple, but cute hair tutorials. I plan on trying a few of these out, and maybe posting the images up here soon – if I don’t fail at it completely ;D
So simple and very cute – Looks easy enough for us Gals with thin hair too.
Perfect for this seasons Mori Gal look.
Another simple but effective look.
This last scan is actually from JELLY, but it shows off some of this seasons must-have hair accessories, such as: braid (it doesn’t have to be your own hair)/headband, the scarf, can-can hat. I personally love all 3 of these looks because you can work them into almost all of this season’s trends.
The scarf, and the can-can hat are great for this season’s western trend:
But don’t forget, the scarf is also a great all-round accessory for most of this seasons looks. And a can-can hat is the perfect accent for any feminine coordinate.
And the braid/headband is a great alternative to using your own hair, as seen on the cover of the May issue of JELLY:
Will you be trying out any of these styles this season?
Or wearing any of these accessories?

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