Birthday Coordinates…

Hey guys, sorry for my absence over the weekend. It was my birthday on Friday, and therefore I spent the weekend with friends. I was then wined and dined by my lovely boyfriend, and then taken shopping – but we’ll save that for another post.

On Friday, after early morning Japanese lectures I prepared myself for an evening out on the town. I decided to wear my ‘fast fashion’ (keep your eyes out for an upcoming entry!!) onepiece. I bought this from ドン キホーテ in Tokyo and paired it with leather-look leggings and some monotone pearls (which you can see on the left) – so glad these are back in at the moment.

I was basing my look around one that JELLY model, Maya Mori recently wore to an event @ Atom. Apart from the print, these two onepieces are basically the same, and although I am a label whore, in this instance I was happier with the cheaper version.
When I originally walked into the GLAD NEWS store in 109 (sorry I can’t find an image of the onepiece), the first thing I was confronted with was their original version of this dress. The belt (stud detailing and all), shape and style were all the same – but they had chosen a newspaper print. It was nice, and it complimented their style but it wasn’t me. However I do love Maya’s skull & lip print, and would gladly take it off her hands lol.
Comparison of the onepieces;
Each time I step into ドン キホーテ I feel almost as if it were a guilty pleasure. In-between some of the many items they sell you can find Gal style clothing, shoes, accessories and make-up for low prices.
This was my first time buying clothing from Donki, and although this onepiece is gorgeous and good quality, I still feel as though I got lucky. The jacket that came with the set was cute and fit well, but it was made for girls with skinny arms (luckily my fat doesn’t touch there lol) and I didn’t even bother touching the leggings that came with it as they were far too short and were made from cheap material. Therefore I paired the onepiece with a better quality blazer and leggings that I bought after.
Even with my complaints, overall I am happy with the onepiece itself and everyone was complimenting me on it so I can’t really ask for any more.
I hope you guys like the outfit, and I hope I did Maya’s coordinates justice, haha.
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