Style Crush; Eriko Nakao

Eriko NakaoJapanese blogger and model Eriko Nakao

Eriko is someone I’ve seen pop up on the internet from time to time when browsing fashion sites, but only recently have I been visiting her collaborative blog which she works on alongside her hairstylist and photographer friends (see source). To be honest I’ve also been drooling over her amazing fashion-sense and gorgeous hairI adore her sense of style, it’s very much like my own in that it doesn’t really fall into one definitive category. I love the mixture of street style, simplicity and strong sexuality in her coordinates and the photography.
Eriko is definitely on my ones to watch list.

Eriko Nakao Eriko Nakao Eriko Nakao

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Update; Wakatsuki Chinatsu

A small update on Chinatsu Wakatsuki.
The producer of W♥C recently revealed through a blog post that she is 5 months pregnant, and now married to a non-celebrity husband. The couple have known each other for 3 years and have been dating for half of those. 
She is very happy, and promises her fans she will do her best.
Congratulations & Good Luck

Inspiration; JELLY

I love the model codes that pop-up on the official JELLY English Facebook page.
The behind-the-scenes photographs come a close second.
It certainly looks like motherhood hasn’t changed Maya Mori and Yuki Yamamoto when it comes to personal style. They still look amazing, and I have to say that I think I prefer their style now.

Model Update: Gal Mamas

Amongst the requests I received in the giveaway entry form were a few people asking for more model updates, in particular Tsubasa.

Well, ask and you shall receive… so I’m going to do a quick update on Tsubasa and a couple of other gorgeous gal-mamas

Tsubasa has been doing a lot of promotion lately for Stride Stripe, the new gum by Stride that she is the face of – I’m sure most of you have seen the CM online.

She has also said “Goodbye” to Popsister (check out the Sept issue). Yep, sad but true – she will be going on to work on other ‘endeavours’ which may mean new additions to Dollywink (new products have been confirmed) & Candydoll, or even working on her music career a bit more?

It’s Tsubasa so you never know what she’ll promote/produce next…I would personally like to see a clothing line for ‘older gals’ but that’s just wishful thinking haha

Had to include a pic of her nails, love the pearls!

Maya Mori on the other hand is still going strong with JELLY.
I was so happy when she returned, as you may remember I was a bit uncertain about her future after having a child. I have to say she is looking wonderful and I’m pleased to see her working again.

Back to modelling for Prisilla wigs and a permanent feature on the Jelly Facebook page it would seem she is back and as strong as ever. She has also recorded a song for a mobile phone game released this month.

Maya Mori & Yuki Yamamoto

Maya & Yuki both released photobooks a few months ago, showing that they still have a following as gal-mamas. More pictures of the event and the covers here.

Which models do you want to hear more about? 
Please leave a comment and I will try to include them in the next ‘model update’ post.
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Tsubasa Masuwaka Blog Book – Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Tsubasa Masuwaka ‘scans’ from her blog book that was released a few years ago. You can find Part 1 here

Click images to enlarge!

these ‘old school’ pictures of Tsu-chan and even though I like her new look (it suits her lifestyle perfectly), I do miss her old style a little too. What do you guys think

Tsubasa Masuwaka Blog Book – Part 1

Someone asked for ‘scans’ of the Tsubasa blog book that I bought during the Japan Expo, and because I don’t have access to a scanner right now I decided to take photos instead ごめんね。This obviously means they’re not the best quality but I’ve seen HQ scans before so they floating around somewhere
I also want to mention that I won’t be posting scans of the actual text parts as those are just blog entries from her old blog, which you can find online (I think it’s still up) – the entries in the book range from Oct 2006~June 2007
I am going to split the photos into 2 posts; the fashion & beauty segments and photoshoots. First up… Fashion & Beauty!!
Click images to enlarge!!

Part 2 Coming Soon~

Model Update; Gal Auction

In collaboration with goodbuy some of your favourite models from JELLY, Popteen, Popsister, NUTS and many more magazines are selling off some of their personal effects.

Some of the models included are: Sayoko (nuts), Yui Kanno (popteen), Kumickey (popteen) and Maya Mori (jelly). However the list doesn’t stop there as 43 models are offering their own items for the auction. You can check out the full list here.

So what kind of items are on offer?!

– Kumickey is auctioning a Liz Lisa hat and an Amoureuse vest. Current bid: 1,670円

– Mai Miyagi (JELLY) is auctioning off 3 items right now from Backs, Me Jane and Liz Lisa.

Most of the auctions come with a signed Polaroid of the model wearing/showing the items.

These are the same as ebay auctions so they all have a time limit (not money) – most of them are 31st Dec. A few of the items that have sold went rather cheaply, at around 3,000円. Some of the auctions have already ended but keep an eye out because you may just be able to grab something from your favourite model!!

You can view all of the auctions here.

And for all you secret Gravure fans…there is also a Gravure Idol auction.
With simple vest tops going for around 12,000円 I think we know who and why people are bidding on those o.O

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