Model Update: Gal Mamas

Amongst the requests I received in the giveaway entry form were a few people asking for more model updates, in particular Tsubasa.

Well, ask and you shall receive… so I’m going to do a quick update on Tsubasa and a couple of other gorgeous gal-mamas

Tsubasa has been doing a lot of promotion lately for Stride Stripe, the new gum by Stride that she is the face of – I’m sure most of you have seen the CM online.

She has also said “Goodbye” to Popsister (check out the Sept issue). Yep, sad but true – she will be going on to work on other ‘endeavours’ which may mean new additions to Dollywink (new products have been confirmed) & Candydoll, or even working on her music career a bit more?

It’s Tsubasa so you never know what she’ll promote/produce next…I would personally like to see a clothing line for ‘older gals’ but that’s just wishful thinking haha

Had to include a pic of her nails, love the pearls!

Maya Mori on the other hand is still going strong with JELLY.
I was so happy when she returned, as you may remember I was a bit uncertain about her future after having a child. I have to say she is looking wonderful and I’m pleased to see her working again.

Back to modelling for Prisilla wigs and a permanent feature on the Jelly Facebook page it would seem she is back and as strong as ever. She has also recorded a song for a mobile phone game released this month.

Maya Mori & Yuki Yamamoto

Maya & Yuki both released photobooks a few months ago, showing that they still have a following as gal-mamas. More pictures of the event and the covers here.

Which models do you want to hear more about? 
Please leave a comment and I will try to include them in the next ‘model update’ post.
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