Review: DearLee Nail Polish

 This post is sponsored by born pretty
Just a quick sponsored review today on some gorgeous nail polishes that I was recently sent by bornprettystore. They also sent me some eyelashes and deco items but I will be leaving those for a later, separate post.
baby blue & orange

Once again I am loving pastel colours, and after seeing some gorgeous blue and orange shades coming out bornprettystore were kind enough to sponsor me these two; Candy Blue & Candy Orange
First off, they may look like shatter polishes because of the lid, but they’re not – just normal polishes. So what do they look like on?

Like this!

+ Easy to apply
+ Bright, clean colours
+ Lasts a while without chipping
+ Plenty of polish in a decent sized bottle
+ Orange could also work as a nude, with fewer coats
– 2 coats are needed
Final thoughts?!
Ok, so that’s not really a con but there really isn’t anything bad to say about these polishes. I think they’re lovely and even though my pastel phases come and go I can see myself keeping these as they’re good staple colours to have.
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