Inspiration; Seeing Red

The fabulous Rii of Utsukushii Gal made a post recently about Red Lips in Gal, which I loved. In the post she tried out red lips herself (and looked absolutely stunning whilst doing so) – she paired her look with matching make-up & a rock code. 
This inspired me, because she was trying something new and it turned out great! So I thought about maybe trying it for myself – why? I have never worn red lipstick before as I’m so fair skinned, so I figured why not give it a try!
I actually think the red didn’t come out too bad haha
It certainly looked dramatic against my light skin, but I felt that was part of the look. Even so I don’t think I would wear this kind of colour without matching dramatic eyes, but it is certainly a look I will be trying again
So thank you Rii for inspiring me to try something new, and for showing us all how fabulous red lips can be in gal!
What do you think of red lipstick in gal?
Would you try it out yourself sometime?