Trend Alert: Colour Mix, Take 2!

This is more of an update on a previous trend I mentioned. This Summer we saw Gal and Western fashion magazines alike raving about their love for Colour Blocking – which made a nice change to the usual monochrome codes which are so popular in Japan.

Well Autumn is here and the colours we’re seeing pop-up aren’t quite as bright as their Summer counterparts, but colour mixing is still in and the gal magazines don’t want you to forget that!

So what colours should you be adding to your wardrobe this season?

Wine &… Beige

Wine also goes with…

Grey, Deep Green
 Deep Green (Turquoise) &… Brown

 Deep Green (Turquoise) also goes with…

Orange, Black
Smokey Pink &… Black

Smokey Pink also goes with…

Red, Brown
Orange &… Navy

Orange also goes with…

Purple, Blue, Beige

Colour blocking has certainly toned it down for Autumn, with some gorgeous colours and shades making their way into the mix. Navy & Orange is a favourite of mine, along with Wine & Grey

What do you think of the toned down colour mix?
Will you be trying any of these out?