Model Update; Gal Auction

In collaboration with goodbuy some of your favourite models from JELLY, Popteen, Popsister, NUTS and many more magazines are selling off some of their personal effects.

Some of the models included are: Sayoko (nuts), Yui Kanno (popteen), Kumickey (popteen) and Maya Mori (jelly). However the list doesn’t stop there as 43 models are offering their own items for the auction. You can check out the full list here.

So what kind of items are on offer?!

– Kumickey is auctioning a Liz Lisa hat and an Amoureuse vest. Current bid: 1,670円

– Mai Miyagi (JELLY) is auctioning off 3 items right now from Backs, Me Jane and Liz Lisa.

Most of the auctions come with a signed Polaroid of the model wearing/showing the items.

These are the same as ebay auctions so they all have a time limit (not money) – most of them are 31st Dec. A few of the items that have sold went rather cheaply, at around 3,000円. Some of the auctions have already ended but keep an eye out because you may just be able to grab something from your favourite model!!

You can view all of the auctions here.

And for all you secret Gravure fans…there is also a Gravure Idol auction.
With simple vest tops going for around 12,000円 I think we know who and why people are bidding on those o.O

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