Meet-up with Thanh-Thao~

This is a rather belated post, sorry!!

A few weeks ago I met with the lovely Thanh-Thao of Rainy Days.
A mutual friend of ours, Kirin, had mentioned she had met with Thanh and then after we chatted for a bit we decided to finally meet ourselves.
She is a lovely, sweet girl who I envy very much for being able to speak so many languages. I guess I can gain inspiration to work harder by spending time with people like this.
We had decided over the weekend that we would go to Namja Town (inside Ikebukuro Sunshine City), mainly for Ice Cream City and the Gyoza Stadium haha
Namja Town was much bigger than I had expected and there are cats everywhere! So if you’re a cat lady (I’m looking at you ;D) then you would love it. There was definitely lots to do but we headed straight for the Gyoza Stadium…
I adore Gyoza, as all my friends know and I was really craving cheese-filled Gyoza so I snapped some up from a rather enthusiastic and charismatic stall owner. To be fair, because there are so many Gyoza stalls all competing in such a small space most of the people there have to be charismatic etc.
Then afterwards we checked out Ice Cream City, which had lots of crazy flavours.
Thanh is such a cutie! Here she is modelling the entrance to ‘Ice Cream City’ where you can buy regular flavours, or maybe you fancy something along the lines of miso soup, garlic or HORSE?!
There are over 300+ flavours to choose from!
After being creeped out by too many crazy flavours to choose from we headed to ‘Desert land’ and choose the prettiest looking cake from the selection of stalls. We had the ‘House of Sweets’ which was a complete guilty pleasure, but it’s not so bad if you share, right?
I’m not a big fan of strawberries but these were glazed so they tasted mostly of sugar…which is fine by me haha

I love their Christmas tree!
After Namja Town we took a walk around Sunshine City, which we both decided is one of our favourite places to shop. There is an Alta inside and plenty of great restaurants to choose from – I am totally food orientated sometimes haha
And of course, we did Purikura~

I think glasses suit Thanh better than me XD

I had a really good time!
I hope we can meet again after New Year with Lou, and maybe some other bloggers.
Then afterward meeting with Thanh, I met with my boyfriend as he wanted to take me out to dinner. So we headed for an Italian and then I dragged him to purikura. He’s not a big fan as he thinks it makes guys look too girly…but that still doesn’t stop me getting him to do it.
So here is his debut on my blog♥