Girl Time

Shopping and food with the girls

On Wednesday I spent the day with Toni, Alanna and Claire.
I know you’ve seen and heard about these lovely ladies before on here – I never make a trip home without seeing them. So we caught up over coffee this time, before hitting the Sales and grabbing a bite to eat. I bought a few items (from: Zara, Topshop, H&M) and had my first ‘Nando’s’ (not that impressive, shame), all in great company.
I was also lucky enough to be given a free drink in Starbucks.
The person behind me in the queue received their drink before mine and I guess I must have looked particularly parched as the barista was kind enough to make my drink quickly and then give me a voucher for a free one! 
Thank you Starbucks for reminding me why I love you!!

Meet with Le Samispoon♔

Last month I met with my ex-uni & forever Starbucks buddy Le Samispoon, as she shall fondly be referred to.
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A freak Indian Summer meant it was almost unbearably hot for us Brits.
It also meant I got to pull out my sheer, sleeveless shirt.

Leeds Corn Exhchange & Cath Kidston store.
Present for myself, and a diary & tissues for my bf in Japan.
Irresistable cupcakes, which we managed to resist…?!
Tofu bento, finishing with green tea infused ice cream in ‘Little Tokyo’ where the food tastes as good as the restaurant looks…which is amazing by the way.
A final photo taken on the train home and edited with an oh-so high-tech iPhone purikura app. Make-up less, with a super cheesy grin which had to be censored.
Random fact: After a long day I will remove my make-up the first chance I get.

Tea & Topshop

Sorry for the lack of updates. I had a very productive weekend, and a very busy last few days Yesterday I travelled cross-country to my fiance’s house, and I am now relaxing in surprisingly sunny Wales

Anyway, rewind a few days…on Monday I got to see one of my best friends, who I hadn’t seen since before going to Japan, shocking haha
We caught up over some ice tea at Pret, whilst being attacked by wasps…there seems to be a lot in England this Summer

Then we headed off to Topshop. I’ve never been a devoted Topshop-lover like some of my friends but this season I have loved almost all of their collection…especially the jewellery. So I picked up a few pieces 

I saw this cross double-ring when I was with Alanna, so I went back for it

I had to buy this ear cuff, because it took me back to my grungey high-school days haha It also reminds me of when I was obsessed with learning about the Egyptians in first school. A little bit of me still wants to re-live that dream and become an archaeologist
and the pièce de résistance…

A leotard!

I joked with my friend that my purchases must have been the most hipster they’d had for a while Seriously though, I bought the leotard to go under my high-waisted shorts/skirts because it can be quite awkward sometimes when vest tops get ruffled etcit creates a nice clean silhouette[Thanks Tori]…does that make any senses!? haha

My new favourite bracelet and yes Alanna, I can remove it
The bracelet is not from Topshop, unlike all the other items I bought, but from H&M. I just wanted to add it because I’ve been wearing it a lot lately and I actually bought it when I met with Toni & Alanna.
So there is a little update for now, sorry it’s nothing amazing
I hope you’re all looking forward to my upcoming giveaway. I plan to post it by the end of next week, so keep an eye out

Meet with Alanna & Toni~

Only a few days after I had arrived back from Paris I was lucky enough to meet with some of my lovely gals; Alanna & Toni – it was such a shame you couldn’t make it Gaby! These two have been good friends of mine for a long time and I always enjoy spending the day with them
Anyway, I am going to recycle some pictures from my last post as I took those pictures on the same day. Just some basic make-up shots…
I think I could have gone slightly more dramatic with my eye make-up but I still like how this look came out. I used my new Urban Decay Naked Palette, which I love~ It has everything I need, so I can see my other palettes being neglected for a while
Shirt: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Accessories: River Island & H&M
I’ve been trying out different outfits lately with these sheer trousers, and I’ve found that they work best with a simple top. Of course I am loving the peter pan collar trend as well so I made use of that
Alanna was wearing a gorgeous mustard yellow collared top from New Look, which suited her so much. Maybe if she has a code pic I can steal it from her and put it on here later And Toni was looking stunning in the dress she recently bought from Topshop – very ‘blogger style’
After lots of shopping and coffee breaks we headed to…
Henry’s for cocktails!
Reasonably priced

My first of the night was a ‘Tokyo Iced Tea’, which is one of my favourites as it’s so yummy and refreshing. It’s a variation on the ‘Long Island Ice Tea’ – the difference being that it has midori liqueur & lemonade. 
Shortly followed by a peach daiquiri, which was good but a little too sweet for my liking. I usually have the banana one, but they were out of bananas Next time!!

After cocktails we headed to Wagamamas (as our usual place is moving to a new location) for dinner. I had the yasai chahan but I couldn’t finish it at all, the portion was amazing haha

I had a lovely time, thanks gals!

Paris Meet!!

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Ananya and Emmie came to Paris for the SM Town concert and whilst they were here we managed to meet-up!
I was so happy as I haven’t seen Ananya for maybe 3 years (is that right?)! It was also the first time for me to meet Emmie, which I had wanted to do for a while.
…and make-up
I had to be up at 7am to get ready for 6 hours of classes, so I didn’t do anything amazing with my hair/make-up. I went for a nude eyeshadow with some simple top & bottom lashes. I just wanted something simple & stylish, it was also important that it would last the whole day.

I wanted to wear my new favourite shirt, so I paired it with some ripped-lace shorts and my favourite necklace…which broke later that day, nooooo~
In fact one girl liked our outfits so much that she stopped us and asked if she could take photos. She was a fashion student who also wanted to post them on her friends blog.

Shirt: Egoist
Shorts: Zara
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Primark
Bags: JSG & Primark
Necklace: Liz Lisa
They asked for their ‘derp’ faces to be cut out,
oh you guys!

Both of my gals were looking gorgeous and I was so envious of Emmie’s Litas. I was planning on wearing my dupes but Paris is not Lita friendly, trust me…and I’m pretty clumsy too haha

I just adore Emmie’s extensions, it really made me want to get another set. I also loved Ananya’s dress and belt combo, isn’t it lovely.

We went to a restaurant that Ananya’s dad had recommended but they hadn’t started serving food so we waited and had drinks. Unfortunately we were given the snootiest waitress possible and she refused to let us have a table when they did start serving. I definitely won’t be visiting again, thanks to her. It’s a shame because the place had a pretty cool vibe and it looked good.
I did get to enjoy some yummy ginger beer though!
New purchase!

I also purchased the most gorgeous pair of sheer trousers from H&M. I had been wanting a skirt for a long time but then saw these and automatically fell in love~ ♥
It was a great day and I had a lovely time with Ananya and Emmie, I just wish it could have lasted longer. Oh well, I’m eagerly awaiting the meet we talked about for when I return from Paris!!

Meet-up; W♥C Date with Caroline~

I met with Caroline of ‘Spooning with a Schoolboy‘ on Monday, for our arranged ‘W♥C Day’. It originally started off as us deciding to meet up because of our love of W♥C but then turned into a whole day of it haha
Caroline is really sweet and so easy to get along with. We’ve already made plans to meet again and I can’t wait. Not only is she clued up on Japan but she’s so helpful and told me of lots of great places to visit. If you love reading about people’s lives in Japan then you definitely need to take a peek at her blog.
My make-up/hair for the day…
Top & bottom lashes, paired with my green Candy Magic lenses.
I wish I had taken a closer picture because I did a grey-pink shadow combo – inspired by Tsubasa’s Candydoll. I would definitely do it again, and next time I’ll take pics ;D
As you can see my hair didn’t really want to cooporate that day. I had wanted to do the big buns a lot of the shop-staff had been sporting, to finish off my outfit. However I ended up doing some back-combed bunches with a few curls.
And my outfit…
Gold studded headbow
Sex & W♥C Cardigan
‘Tiger’ tshirt
Kumatan fishnet tights
Frilly socks
Yep, I was W♥C down to my socks. However I don’t yet own any bottoms or shoes from them, so they were other brands. I really liked this outfit, and it was quite fun. It also got me quite a few compliments – something that happens a lot when I wear W♥C. It’s so popular right now and even Gals who don’t dress in it seem to have some kind of secret appreciation for it.
We didn’t just go shopping though. Caroline was kind enough to take me to a Chinese buffet she knew in Lumine EST. It wasn’t too badly priced, the restaurant was very nice and the food was delicious. It was a lot less greasier than the Chinese food back home, which I had been craving, so I was pleasantly surprised XD
The plates are small, so you can’t ‘over indulge’.

These melon buns were AMAZING!!
Caroline wanted to go just for these and I understand completely XD
We also made a stop off at my favourite arcade in Kabukicho, for purikura (of course). Whilst we were there I had a go at winning some Alpacas for Mitsu and Sami but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck.
However I did take a pic to tide them over until I can ;D
Valentine Alpaca
Let’s finish off with some more purikura~

Picture post; Purikura

Just a small picture post of some Purikura I took recently on some meets.

These ones were taken at the ‘Gal Me2’ that was held in early January.
I am planning on doing a post about it soon, but I think I will save it for a time closer to the air date. Haha I can’t wait to see how silly I look – I’m such a wreck in-front of cameras XD

So many girls turned up and we had a brilliant time. Everyone was gorgeous and so lovely – it’s really nice to meet a bunch of girls who are interested in Gal and are genuinely nice. The Western Gal community gets so much stick for being ‘full of hate’ etc. but not everyone is like that 😀

I also arranged to meet with Sara-Mari a second time before she left. It was really great getting to know her, I felt like we could chat and joke with each other so easily. She’s such a kind and gorgeous Gal. We were also joined by Thanh-Thao, who has become such a good friend lately – I really enjoy hanging out with her.

We were later joined by the ever-fabulous Mitsu.
I have missed her whilst she was back in the States but we got to chat a little about random crap, WC and other things that make us laugh.

And finally I leave you with the wonders of Purikura, because every girl wants to look like her eyes are melting off her face…


p.s. What do you think of the new layout?
I wanted a change of colours – something that can bring us into Spring and perk up those cold Winter months!