Meet-up; W♥C Date with Caroline~

I met with Caroline of ‘Spooning with a Schoolboy‘ on Monday, for our arranged ‘W♥C Day’. It originally started off as us deciding to meet up because of our love of W♥C but then turned into a whole day of it haha
Caroline is really sweet and so easy to get along with. We’ve already made plans to meet again and I can’t wait. Not only is she clued up on Japan but she’s so helpful and told me of lots of great places to visit. If you love reading about people’s lives in Japan then you definitely need to take a peek at her blog.
My make-up/hair for the day…
Top & bottom lashes, paired with my green Candy Magic lenses.
I wish I had taken a closer picture because I did a grey-pink shadow combo – inspired by Tsubasa’s Candydoll. I would definitely do it again, and next time I’ll take pics ;D
As you can see my hair didn’t really want to cooporate that day. I had wanted to do the big buns a lot of the shop-staff had been sporting, to finish off my outfit. However I ended up doing some back-combed bunches with a few curls.
And my outfit…
Gold studded headbow
Sex & W♥C Cardigan
‘Tiger’ tshirt
Kumatan fishnet tights
Frilly socks
Yep, I was W♥C down to my socks. However I don’t yet own any bottoms or shoes from them, so they were other brands. I really liked this outfit, and it was quite fun. It also got me quite a few compliments – something that happens a lot when I wear W♥C. It’s so popular right now and even Gals who don’t dress in it seem to have some kind of secret appreciation for it.
We didn’t just go shopping though. Caroline was kind enough to take me to a Chinese buffet she knew in Lumine EST. It wasn’t too badly priced, the restaurant was very nice and the food was delicious. It was a lot less greasier than the Chinese food back home, which I had been craving, so I was pleasantly surprised XD
The plates are small, so you can’t ‘over indulge’.

These melon buns were AMAZING!!
Caroline wanted to go just for these and I understand completely XD
We also made a stop off at my favourite arcade in Kabukicho, for purikura (of course). Whilst we were there I had a go at winning some Alpacas for Mitsu and Sami but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck.
However I did take a pic to tide them over until I can ;D
Valentine Alpaca
Let’s finish off with some more purikura~