Review: Korean Bulk False Eyelashes

This post is sponsored by KKcenterhk
Recently, KKcenterhk offered to sponsor me with some of the eyelashes featured on their store. They stock a variety of lashes and the ones I choose were the 10 pair multipacks from the Korean company ‘ES’. I’m sure you have seen these online before, and I know some of you have even bought some yourselves.
I don’t currently own many ‘fuller lashes’ so I choose 3 packs from their large selection.
I only applied a little bit of eyeliner in the following pictures as I wanted to blend the lashes but show them off, without make-up.
A005 – here
As you can see, they’re a little shiny looking. However they don’t feel plastic-y, actually they’re very soft – but the band was a little stiff. They’re very full and thick looking though – maybe a little too much for me. These really are great though for a dramatic, full look.

Unfortunately they didn’t suit me – this picture makes them look unreal haha
I did have to cut the length slightly as they were too long. I always thought I had strange, tiny eyes and these lashes kind of exaggerated that…or maybe it was just me. Either way they would blend much better with make-up, of course.
A22 – here
These ones were slightly thinner, but still had a full look to them. They were also very soft and much easier to apply than the previous pair. I really liked the feathered look these lashes had, it made them a little more natural but still appropriate for heavier make-up.

I thought this pair were a lot better than the previous ones. I will definitely wear these more in the future when I want a heavier eye with thicker lashes.
A008 – here
These were my favourites of the 3 sets. The lashes were thicker, but more natural and the band wasn’t stiff – so easy to apply and quite comfortable. They weren’t as shiny and blended much better.

These lashes would be great for a ‘natural’ look but also with a more dramatic eye. I love that one pair of lashes can work for two different looks, hence why they are my favourites.
What about the lashes I didn’t like so much?!

I used a bit of silver glitter eyeliner and added a few sparkles to them.
This also separated them out a little bit so they’re not as full. I had seen quite a few pairs like these in-store and wanted to try them out, but I wasn’t sure about the glitter. So instead of wasting money and throwing the other pairs out, I created a new pair of lashes.

All of the above sets of lashes are under $4!!
For some everyday or ‘first try’ lashes that’s such a bargain!!
They ship worldwide and delivery is super fast~

You can purchase any of these lashes (except for the D.I.Y glitter ones) and many more different types and brands here.

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