Thoughts on Gal…

It’s my birthday tomorrow and maybe it’s something to do with getting older and all the recent backlash in the Gal community but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about…
Obviously my opinion is not going to suit everyone, but I just wonder if I am alone in thinking that it isn’t the cookie cutter, EGG, ‘you need blonde hair and curls’ image everyone thinks it is.
When I attended the Gal Me2 recently in Tokyo, where we were all filmed for ‘Tokyo Kawaii TV’, after introducing myself the cameraman asked me “Are you Gyaru?” I paused and thought about it for a bit and replied with “…maybe?!” Afterwards I wondered why I hadn’t said yes, and when Lou told them she was “…about 80% Gyaru” I realised why.
I guess I feel like I still have a way to go and that I can improve…but that’s not just it. I enjoy wearing the clothes and doing the hair/make-up but I also feel like there’s more to me than that – it’s not what I’m 100% about. My priorities are family, friends, my boyfriend and studying for my degree – but that’s not a bad thing in my eyes.
I know we all have contrasting views of what Gal is… Some people relate to the original blonde hair, big curls, Liz Lisa and ‘EGG Style’ whilst others prefer short, straight dark hair with a bit of W♥C. It seems to me that we all have so many ‘ideas’ about Gal when really there aren’t as many rules as some people might think. We should just take it for what it is – a mixture of styles which allow you to be as sexy, cute or chic as you want. It offers people confidence and it helps people all over the world connect~★
I’ve been called Gyaru by people before and I was even called it by a Japanese Gal recently, which made me happy. I take it as a compliment that I’m doing the clothes and make-up justice, but if someone comes along and tells me “You’re not Gal” it’s not the end of the world. In fact it doesn’t upset me at all, because I enjoy what I’m doing, for myself and this blog. I’m going to keep trying my best and enjoying the style whilst I do it, because one day I’m going to realise that I’m too old for ‘all this nonsense’, although I think I have a while to go yet haha
I’ve met some wonderful people because of Gal and this blog!
Thank you to all my readers and friends for being fabulous and continuing to support me.