プリクラ for your phone!

My own personal ‘purikura’
プリクラ (purikura) is the name given to the photo-booths and pictures well known and loved in Japan. Why are they so popular? Purikura machines allow you to take a variety of pictures with different backdrops and lighting, afterwards you are given the chance to decorate the final photos.
As they gain popularity worldwide (they’re in a city near you!) mobile app stores have seen an increase in the amount of ‘purikura apps’.
Here is a small review of my current favourite purikura app; DecoPic
Click ‘read more’ for the full post.

I’m not a fan of a lot of the purikura apps on the app store as I find they’re all pretty similar, but DecoPic intrigued me as the stamps, frames etc are very close to the ones used in the machines in Japan.

Once you have chosen to take a picture or use one from your album (awww look at my cute puppy), you can move and scale it to your needs. Then you have the option of adding lots of pretty, sparkly things.

Options include:

Art filters – much like instagram etc.
Not something you would find on a regular purikura machine. Obviously an addition that is aimed at the current ‘filter’ trend hitting the app stores.

Frames – a varied and not bad selection.

Stamps – 15 pages worth, all of which are just like the stamps you find on the machines in Japan.

Message – add messages such as ‘Today’s coordinate’ & ‘I love you’.

Pen – various colours/styles of pen to write by freehand.
Text – various styles and a selection of colours to write by text.

When adding a message, stamp, text etc. there is the option of: resizing, rotating, moving and undoing the item. 
Finally, when you click ‘save’ the photo is automatically stored in your photo album and you have the option of sharing it with the community, or Facebook/Twitter etc.
I like the categories they have used for the stamps, messages and borders (feminine, blogger, vintage and more) – giving you the chance to pick your item depending on your mood/the feeling of the photo. There is also an ‘event’ category, which changes throughout the year.
With over 300 design options, if you want an app to decorate your photos with that is easy-to-use, authentic to the machines and FREE, then this is the one for you!

Want your own personal purikura photobooth on your iPhone/Android?


If anyone knows if it is on any other app stores please let me know.

Life in Japan; I miss…

I have still have so many pictures/things to tell you about my life in Japan, and even though it was cut short that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to post all of those things, right?
So to welcome back the series, I would like to make this post all about some of the things I miss about Japan.

Karaoke (namely Utahiro)

Karaoke food



Japanese food

This kind of thing…

Of course purikura~

The scenery…

& architecture

My university

 && friends

Faces have been pixelated to preserve people’s privacy.

It’s a ‘Life Experience’…

Remember that ‘life experience’ I was talking about the other day
Well that is the name that my tutor likes to give to the activities and field-trips that we have been taking part in during our stay here in Paris. And this one, was er…certainly interesting…
I’m not a fan of anime or manga, although a lot of people on my course are. Therefore, our tutors thought that they would give us a few days off classes to enjoy one of the biggest expos in Europe related to Japanese pop culture. Yep that’s right, they sent me to ‘Japan Expo’
Originally I wasn’t planning on going for the reasons above, however some of my friends managed to talk me into coming along after talks of silly costumes and other things. I also wanted to give it a chance and ‘experience’ something new…I like to give things a chance before I say I dislike them
So for those who have also never experienced this kind of thing and for those who are just curious, this post is for you!

I didn’t dress up especially for the expo, but it did mean that I was able to add a little drama to my make-up, compared to what I have been wearing latelyNatural, simple make-up is favoured here so anything else tends to turn a few heads.

Tshirt: JSG
Shorts: H&M
Thigh high socks: Donki
Boots: Topshop  
I wore my Jeffrey Campbell dupes which went better than I had expected. I also got a lot of compliments on them which was nice.
The friend who managed to persuade me into coming decided the night before that she was going to ‘troll’ everyone by turning up as Nyan Cat (the latest internet phenomenon), complete with speakers looping the infamous tune. Everyone loved her costume and she was constantly stopped by people wanting her photo. Not bad for a costume made from a cardboard box.
But that’s enough chit-chat for now, enjoy the rest of my photos from the event…
Click images to enlarge!

I think a lot of the expo was lost on me as I didn’t understand much, but the Japanese culture sections were good and I found an interesting stall that I think I will mention in a later post. I also found someone stocking Candydoll cosmetics, but they weren’t selling that day and I didn’t want to return the following day just for that…shame

 Puri with Nyan Cat
I love the comparison!
I also managed to buy ye ol’ Tsubasa’s blog book – a book full of her blog entries, fashion/make-up tips and lifestyle items. It’s almost 5 years old I think haha
…and the new issue of Popsister, which is really growing on me lately

Life in Japan; Donki & Purikura

I may have had to leave Japan temporarily, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep making the ‘Life in Japan’ picture posts. I have plenty of images stored up, especially from my travels to Hiroshima and Kyoto and I mean LOTS!! 

This picture post includes: 
– Akihabara Donki
– Purikura Advertising
Location: Tokyo & Hiroshima
Click on pictures to enlarge.

Donki are well known for their costumes.
It’s fake breasts all around with these costumes.

Men need fabulous wigs too…right?!
Donki always offer cheap but cute glue-on nails. 
I think I know why these eyelashes were in the bargain bin – nasty~ 
A new purikura booth offers a ‘moistened eyes’ effect – yay?! 
The advertising for the ‘Essence’ machines is always so gorgeous. 
Shock, horror!! Gals reading MANGA!! on their phones haha 

Picture post; Life in Japan

Thank you to all who replied to the ‘Picture Post; Request‘ post!
It will stay open for all of you who wish to make more requests. 

In other news, the Japan picture posts shall now be known as ‘Life in Japan‘. I may continue to make specific picture posts like the ‘Sweets‘ and ‘Kamakura‘ ones, but all the requests and random pictures shall fall into this new category.

This picture post includes:
– 109
– EGGnam Arcade
– School Girls
– UFO Catchers
– Alpacas
– Host Club & Hosts
– Festival Sweets
Location: Tokyo
Click on pictures to enlarge.

 Kumickey promoting the new 109 branded cellphones on the front of…109
EGG Namco Arcade 

Some schoolgirls going to take purikura.
As so many of you requested it, I shall pluck up the courage to take proper photos soon!
UFO Catcher goodies 
Kaomoji plushies 

 You can even win cheesecake in UFO catchers.
Maybe you fancy another brand?
Or some giant packets of chewy sweets?! 
Some of the goodies I/my boyf won in UFO catchers recently.
Giant Alpaca ♥ ♥ ♥
The giant Alpacas can no longer taunt me! 
Champagne call~ 

Sake, water, apple juice, ginger ale…and carmex.
The glamour of Host Clubs haha 
My Host Riku #2 (right), Toni’s (left) and クリーミーちゃん the Alpaca 
I should have stolen his bow tie/shirt…and the D&G leopard print belt!!
Finally, some sweet treats to tempt you~
Hina Matsuri themed @ Daiso
Don’t forget that the picture request post is always open for your comments and requests~

Birthday Celebrations~☆

As you know, Saturday was my birthday and I had a really great time. I spent it with my boyfriend and friends in Kabukicho and I also had my first hairset!!
The morning of my birthday 3 of my friends popped up to my apartment and gave me cakes! So not only did I have one birthday cake, I had two! One super cute handmade one and a gorgeous shortcake. I must have done something right to end up with so much haha
My boyfriend surprised me in the morning with a gift. He was so eager for me to open it that he wouldn’t even let me have breakfast – I think it was because he had chosen it himself and he wanted to see if he had picked the right thing. Well he had!! He bought me ‘The’ EMODA hat that I had wanted for so long~ He also bought me the new Dollywink eyeshadow, Candydoll concealer lipstick and Mini TSUYAGLA straightners/curlers – very Tsubasa orientated, huh?♥
My Japanese friend from Yamaguchi sent me a surprise parcel with a gorgeous bracelet, hair accessory, phone holder and some cosmetics. I also had some cards and chocolates from family back home. I received money from my parents, but my sister is also bringing me some presents when she comes to visit this month. I love belated birthday gifts.
The friends who came to my party that evening also bought me some gifts, so I felt very lucky and loved 😀
As I mentioned, my friend and I decided to get hairset for our joint party (her birthday was the day after mine). Well I’m not going to mention much about it, because you will soon be able to read all about it @ Universal Doll. So here is some purikura instead~

Later on we went to 白木屋 which is a chain izakaya that has decent but affordable drinks and food. We made a reservation beforehand and since we had such a large party we had our own private room.
We were planning on going to ATOM after but the people we were with were party-poopers and didn’t want to go, so we ended up at all night karaoke – which was still fun though!
Overall I had a great birthday and I got to spend it with some great people – I couldn’t have asked for more :D!!

Meet-up; W♥C Date with Caroline~

I met with Caroline of ‘Spooning with a Schoolboy‘ on Monday, for our arranged ‘W♥C Day’. It originally started off as us deciding to meet up because of our love of W♥C but then turned into a whole day of it haha
Caroline is really sweet and so easy to get along with. We’ve already made plans to meet again and I can’t wait. Not only is she clued up on Japan but she’s so helpful and told me of lots of great places to visit. If you love reading about people’s lives in Japan then you definitely need to take a peek at her blog.
My make-up/hair for the day…
Top & bottom lashes, paired with my green Candy Magic lenses.
I wish I had taken a closer picture because I did a grey-pink shadow combo – inspired by Tsubasa’s Candydoll. I would definitely do it again, and next time I’ll take pics ;D
As you can see my hair didn’t really want to cooporate that day. I had wanted to do the big buns a lot of the shop-staff had been sporting, to finish off my outfit. However I ended up doing some back-combed bunches with a few curls.
And my outfit…
Gold studded headbow
Sex & W♥C Cardigan
‘Tiger’ tshirt
Kumatan fishnet tights
Frilly socks
Yep, I was W♥C down to my socks. However I don’t yet own any bottoms or shoes from them, so they were other brands. I really liked this outfit, and it was quite fun. It also got me quite a few compliments – something that happens a lot when I wear W♥C. It’s so popular right now and even Gals who don’t dress in it seem to have some kind of secret appreciation for it.
We didn’t just go shopping though. Caroline was kind enough to take me to a Chinese buffet she knew in Lumine EST. It wasn’t too badly priced, the restaurant was very nice and the food was delicious. It was a lot less greasier than the Chinese food back home, which I had been craving, so I was pleasantly surprised XD
The plates are small, so you can’t ‘over indulge’.

These melon buns were AMAZING!!
Caroline wanted to go just for these and I understand completely XD
We also made a stop off at my favourite arcade in Kabukicho, for purikura (of course). Whilst we were there I had a go at winning some Alpacas for Mitsu and Sami but unfortunately I didn’t have much luck.
However I did take a pic to tide them over until I can ;D
Valentine Alpaca
Let’s finish off with some more purikura~