Model Update; Tsubasa @ Dennys

Some of you may be wondering what Tsubasa has been up to lately, especially after she closed her blog. It’s definitely hard to keep up with her, and since her tweets tend to take up my feed I stopped following her.

So you can imagine my surprise when I went to Dennys (24/7 family restaurant) and found her plastered all over their special edition Christmas menu!

Tsubasa has collaborated with Dennys restaurants nationwide for a limited period (2nd Dec ~ 26 Dec) and created a special menu. It includes;

‘Mothers salad’ – 1,080円 (around £8/$13)
Salad with an apple and vegetable dressing.
Tsubasa created this ‘mothers salad’ with a homey feeling in mind.
She choose it from memories and love, as her mother used to often make something similar.

‘Roasted rib steak with fried oysters’ – 1,280円 (around £10/$15)
Comes with sweetcorn, spinach, potato wedges and onions.
Featuring a new steak sauce, made with fresh vegetables.
– Nothing else was written about this in the press release so I imagine it was just Denny’s trying to sell their steak (which is very popular and featured on most seasonal menus) with a new sauce.

I haven’t tried either of the meals as neither really appeal to me, but they seem reasonably priced. So if you happen to be in Japan and want a taste of Tsubasa then maybe this is the set for you!

…there are actually more pictures of Tsubasa on various menus but I took them on my boyfriend’s iPhone and he is currently at uni whilst I lay in bed with the flu, again D:

Edit: Added the pictures I took of the menu/s.