Stay warm and fabulous this Winter!

At the request of one of my readers I decided to make a post about how to stay fashionable AND warm this Winter, in Gal. I know it’s something that I find important as I often feel the cold, so I hope you all enjoy it too.

The post is split into 4 different categories; Outer, Onepieces, Socks & Legwarmers and Accessories. All of which are centred on items that will keep you cozy and warm this Winter, but won’t be any less fashionable.


This season there are a variety of different styles of outer wear for Gals to pick from. However I decided to pick 3 of the most popular and different (because not everyone dresses the same, right?) styles right now.

First up, the Fur Coat
It was big last year and it’s back again this year. The fur coat is gorgeous, sexy and fun – not to mention warm! So it makes sense that it is popular again this Winter. Of course not everyone can afford real fur, and a lot of people don’t agree with it – however whereas it may be a little more difficult in Japan it is easy to find affordable, comfy faux fur coats in Europe and America etc.

I’m a fan of the Glad News leopard print fur coat myself as it mixes two of this seasons big trends. If you’re after a cosy, fun, rock-inspired and sexy coat than this style is for you.

However you can always just choose a simple fur coat for a classic feminine look -like this one by Dazzlin’ (it’s fake fur) that comes in various colours and prints.
Another big hit this season is the double button coat, which had a big feature in this month’s JELLY magazine.

Of course I had to feature the WC coat I purchased recently as I am so in love with it, and have received a ton of compliments for it. So for me that was a good buy!

One of my favourites, and a popular choice this Winter is a cross between the double button and fur coat – like this one from LDS. However there are a number of these out right now, including trench coat style, fur cuffs and leopard print fur finish.

This style I picked for the Mode fans out there; the ‘puffer’ jacket (as I like to call it) which was first featured in popular stores such as Emoda and Murua. However other Gal stores have recently picked up on the trend, so this is definitely one to watch out for this season. I have seen lots of Mode-style Gals working these right now – and even though I am not a personal fan they certainly look good in them.

If you like the loose/big top and tight bottom trend then this is the coat for you!


Of course onepieces are always in fashion but this season, sweater dresses are big.
You may remember me purchasing one from HONEYS recently.

They are comfortable, cozy and most definitely warm – not only that, they are big in Gal right now. The majority of Gal stores have their own version of the sweater onepiece, however the most popular right now would certainly have to be…
…WC’s version. Gals and non-Gals alike have gone crazy for it, and I have seen so many people wearing it in a variety of ways, which can relate to other sweater onepieces too. Of course if you just want a cozy, casual coord then you could try pairing it with leggings and boots or try denim shorts, patterned tights and heels – it’s up to you, there are tons of options!

Socks & Legwarmers

Socks aren’t really something many people would automatically link with Gal, but this Winter they are everywhere in every colour and size.

Patterned knee-high socks are big this season, whether they are diamonds or nordic print they are the perfect accompaniment to a dress, skirt or shorts. So if you’re not a fan of tights and would rather wear bare legs but don’t want to be too chilly then this may be the option for you.

Short socks paired with short boots are also big!!

Legwarmers, preferably fur look great with boots and heels alike. They are EVERYWHERE this season, and it’s almost impossible to not see at least 1 person wearing them when you take a walk down the main streets of Tokyo.

I’m not a fan of legwarmers myself, but if you pick up the latest Gal mags you will be sure to see some cute coords featuring them.


Shawls are big this Winter, and they’re also a great to stay warm!

They are so popular right now and I have seen them on tons of girls.
My friends and I have affectionately labelled them ‘Picnic Blankets’ as they are kinda similar. However I still love them and I think they look great with a cute dress or pants.

They’re also a great alternative to coats if you’re not a big fan, or it isn’t cold enough for one.
If you want to keep with the fur trend but don’t want to splash out on a coat, or you just need a new scarf. Then a fur wrap is a great choice. They are popular with both feminine and sexy-style Gals and work with most outfits – I’ve seen them with tiny onpieces, hime-inspired outfits and even Cocolulu!

And finally, hats – the easiest and one of the most fashionable ways to stay warm during Winter!!There are a variety of hats out there to match your style or coordinate.
Whether you prefer a tomboyish, fun look…
Or a cutesy, feminine look…
There are plenty to choose from.
And don’t forget the best hat of them all this season, the bowler haha

What will you be wearing to stay warm this season?
Do you have any favourites? Or something you dislike?

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