Meet-up with Lou~

I am back! Sorry for my absence but if it makes it any better I have plenty of new posts planned – so expect to see these soon. Whilst I was busy recuperating I spent most of my time with friends; hanging out in Shinjuku, Kabukicho and going on fieldtrips with my university.
During this time I met with the lovely Lou of Glamourberry.
She is such a fun, kind and gorgeous gal. I really enjoyed our coffee/shopping/dinner date!
After a long day at university (I was exhausted and I looked so terrible for it), sitting down to a coffee with a friendly face was so relaxing. It was so easy to talk to Lou, and she had lots of interesting things to say.
I really recommend her blog, because it’s not just another fashion blog – it’s about her life, views and thoughts on Japan also. Plus she has the cutest kitten, so I know all you ‘Cat Ladies’ out there will love her pictures♥
But now, onto my pictures and more purikura from our meet~

Whilst waiting for Lou a creepy guy tried his ナンパ skillz out on me. Needless to say they weren’t very good ;D

Shinjuku is probably the only place right now that makes me feel Christmas-y.

Fondue, with vegetables – so it’s healthy, right? ;D

Chocolate fondant mmmmm~

Coordinate puri

“I love you Ema”
“Me too Ru”
haha oh Engrish!

And finally, do you like my oversized sweater onepiece?
I had to buy this for the comfort factor (so soft) and the Engrish!
“Lick up defiantly!” – WHAT?! haha