Twitter, Tumblr, Formspring….

Hey guys, just a quick update on where you can find me online…

OK, so I am now on Twitter.
If you’ve been following me (thank you), you will already know this.
My latest updates can also be viewed on the sidebar.
You can find me here.
I now have a tumblr also, mainly for the viewing pleasure of other people.
I know I like to find cute images online for inspiration etc. and I’d love to share them with you too.
You can find me here.
Finally, formspring.
I joined today as some of my classmates and fellow bloggers have one.
So if you have a question you would like to ask, please go ahead.
You can find me here.
You will notice that all these urls have bloomzy spelt with three o’s. This is because bloomzy is usually taken for some unknown and strange reason. Therefore my url’s from now on will feature this, so sorry for any confusion.