What were they thinking?

「What were they thinking?」
Business woman Tsubasa Masuwaka has a new collaboration under her belt this month.
She already has a long list of collab’s including; make-up, hair accessories, eyelashes, clothing…so what’s the next step for this busy lady?!
Sanitary towels, of course!!
Now, this may be something that every girl needs so correct me if I’m wrong, but does there really need to be a brand specifically aimed at Gals?! Surely we’re all the same when it comes down to something like this.
Tsubasa comments on her blog about how cute they are, and the different sizes and types. Elis (womens hygiene care company) are very smart, they know that Tsubasa will draw in the crowds but it does seem a little odd to have someone collaborating on such a thing, right? I know that I really couldn’t care less if my favourite model is collaborating on feminine hygiene products and making sure they’re ‘really cute’. In fact it kinda weirds me out.
Whether you like them or hate them…if you happen to be caught in Japan and it’s ‘that time’ why not visit your local store and pick up some Tsubasa endorsed sanitary towels. Be quick though, they’re only on sale until the stock is cleared!! haha
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