What’s in your make-up bag….

What’s in your make-up bag?
Everyone knows a Gal’s make-up bag is a prized possession, so I decided to show you all what I keep in my make-up bag (this is just my ‘everyday’ make-up bag, it doesn’t include all the random pieces I have scattered on my dresser).
  1. Soin des Levres Lipcare – Paul & Joe (Disney Collection – Marie)
  2. CHERRY Glamour eyes quick mascara – TAUHAUS
  3. Liquid eyeliner (black) – Dollywink
  4. Pencil eyeliner (black) – Dollywink
  5. Concealer (light) – Collection 2000
  6. Highlighter pen (white) – ?? haha sorry, the brand has come off the label.
  7. Soin Tendres Levres Lipcare – Chanel
  8. Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick (128.magnolia rose) – Chanel
  9. Glitter eyeliner (gold, green) – No.7 & Collection 2000
  10. Ombre Unique Shadowlights (21.Vega) – Chanel
  11. Blusher (light pink) – 17
So that is my basic make-up collection. I only tend to use everything at once though on a night out etc.
My everyday make-up routine involves; liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, blusher and concealer. It may not seem like much but I prefer to go for a more natural look (which is in this season) for lectures, and a more dramatic look for leisure days/nights out…depending on my mood.
I hate to say it but it usually depends on how well rested I was the night before, and whether I have the time. Most of my weekdays are early mornings and I am not a morning person haha.

So as you can see I am a big fan of Chanel for eyeshadow (I have another 2 eye compacts) and lipstick/care. Quality over quantity is my belief. It may cost a little more, but you don’t want to use poor quality products on your skin, especially if you’re like me and are quite sensitive.
Remember, make-up may make you look good now but we also need to look after our skin for the future too 😀
What’s in your make-up bags?
Do you have a selection of products that you use everyday?
Oh, and today’s coordinates.
Just something simple and weather proof;
シュシュ; SBY
‘My heart sweet’ T-shirt; 浅草ROX 
Denim shorts; H&M
Fur-trimmed boots; エフエーコレクション