Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days. I’ve been busy with lectures and the general stress of university lately haha.
I went shopping with some friends on Tuesday and picked up a couple of cute new items.
As you all already know, I’m not a big fan of the Western look this season. This said, I am always willing to incorporate new things into my style. Therefore I decided to at least give denim shirts a try, even if it’s just something simple (see below).
I also picked up a dress, which features roses, lace detail and a pleated bottom.
Some stores that are carrying off the denim shirt well are Duras (left) and Gilfy.
I’m leaning more towards the Duras coordinate, which I think is slightly better. I don’t like the idea of the denim shirt being the ‘whole’ outfit. Although Gilfy are working it with the belt and boots.
Something Jenny said the other day made me realise that I don’t post enough pictures of…myself. I don’t like to whore myself out over this blog, but I think she was right when she said that it adds a more personal touch when bloggers post pictures of themselves – especially Gal bloggers.
So I guess I should start doing it more often…
Sorry about the heart but bad pout is bad. Looking at this picture really made me realise that I need to stop pairing my studded Ji.Maxx cardigan with everything…I just love it so much haha.
It was cold that day so the leopard print beret came out and at least took attention away from the mess that was my hair. The colouring of my hair on the picture is also very close to the irl version – thanks to the bf’s brilliant bathroom lighting.
My picture skills really suck at the moment, as I’m not a big fan of taking pictures of myself. Next time I’ll try to include better shots of outfits, make-up and hair.
Anyway, I apologise for the crappy entry today.
For those of you with Twitter, please feel free to add me (what’s with everyone taking bloomzy?) – I’m not a fan but I created one for the blog.
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