Item post…

I’m afraid it’s a short but sweet update today, so here are a few items that have caught my eye recently.
Ever wondered what would happen if Dazzlin’ and Jelly’s Maichi collaborated?
Well here is your answer; Lace rompers. In pink and white with matching scruncies, these pieces are oh-so-cute. These have been in store since mid-January, and it’s likely they’ve already sold out but if anyone can get/has their hands on one, then you are a lucky Gal.
WC are putting out pieces from their Spring collection like there’s no tomorrow; Tshirts, blazers, skirts, shoes and even more. Every piece is as gorgeous as the next. My current favourites (still in stock, buy them now!!) are the new logo tee’s and the hot red skirt, which would look great paired with their new heels.
NOTE: A lot of their new items are working alongside the current ‘doubles’ trend by featuring t-shirts, skirts and more in different colours. So if you and your Gal pal’s like to coordinate together, W♥C is definitely your friend.
A special item for all you Gal’s in the UK. I popped into New Look yesterday and found this gorgeously Delyle inspired (even if they don’t know it ;D) t-shirt. I was even more surprised to see the Ji.Maxx style ribbon’s on the back. I snapped it up straight away and I’m pleased because it looks great paired with skinny jeans, lace shorts/skirt or just worn as an oversized t-shirt dress.
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