Recent Coordinates and Make-up

I can’t believe my last coordinate post was in January…sorry!!
Due to being busy and pure laziness I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. However I do have a few from the last month, so here you go~

‘Simple’ eye with Candy Magic Green lenses
I always feel so cheeky saying that I’ve done a ‘simple’ eye when it took me just as long with just as many products as normal haha. I loosely followed a tutorial in the latest Popteen which felt very Spring-y to me. I also cut the lashes (from this sponsorship) in half for a lighter look.
The coordinate that went with the make-up.
Note to self: crossing legs in pictures makes you look like a flamingo XD
I bought this dress back in Japan and I’ve worn it so many times since ♥♥ This coordinate was one of a couple that I saw very similar versions from Japanese Gals on tumblr – see!
And the other was…

Although she works it way~ better than me haha

…and the make-up. 
Once again I didn’t want a heavy eye and I was also testing out the new Maxfactor mascara (lower lash only, I’m wearing lashes on top) which is amazing!! My lower lashes are so tiny and blonde and this mascara really made them stand out. I may just invest in this (I was given a free sample from a friend who works for Maxfactor) along with their new Liptint pen that I want.
Final coordinate…I bought this top in Kyoto before I left. I was drawn in by the back detail (see below) and it just seemed perfect for a sexy-rock coordinate. I didn’t realise straight away but the skull print is made up of famous last words – a bit strange, but it makes for an interesting conversation starter.
The back detail – pretty cool, right?
And my make-up.
No lower lashes this time because I couldn’t find my favourite Canmake ones which would have made it perfectly – noooooo! Upper lashes are some cheap ones from Daiso (only 100yen) but I love them!! So much so that I ordered some more from D-Tan haha. Also using my Dollywink eyeshadow.
Anyway, thank you for looking and I shall try to make sure it isn’t another 2 months until my next coordinate post ;D

Life in Japan; Donki & Purikura

I may have had to leave Japan temporarily, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep making the ‘Life in Japan’ picture posts. I have plenty of images stored up, especially from my travels to Hiroshima and Kyoto and I mean LOTS!! 

This picture post includes: 
– Akihabara Donki
– Purikura Advertising
Location: Tokyo & Hiroshima
Click on pictures to enlarge.

Donki are well known for their costumes.
It’s fake breasts all around with these costumes.

Men need fabulous wigs too…right?!
Donki always offer cheap but cute glue-on nails. 
I think I know why these eyelashes were in the bargain bin – nasty~ 
A new purikura booth offers a ‘moistened eyes’ effect – yay?! 
The advertising for the ‘Essence’ machines is always so gorgeous. 
Shock, horror!! Gals reading MANGA!! on their phones haha 

Review: Korean Bulk False Eyelashes

This post is sponsored by KKcenterhk
KKcenterhk are my current eyelash sponsor. They stock a variety of lashes and the ones I have been given are 2 packs of the 10 pair multipacks from the Korean company ‘ES’. I’m sure you have seen these online before, and I know some of you have even bought some yourselves.
I choose a pair of fuller top lashes and a pair of lower lashes.
I only applied a little bit of eyeliner/minimal make-up in the following pictures as I wanted to blend the lashes but show them off, without make-up. 

I am sorry for the quality of the photos and the re-use of the banner. These pictures were taken in my last few days in Japan when I was very rushed and stressed. However excuses will not be tolerated, so I shall definitely bring you better ones next time ;D
ES A101 – here
These lashes weren’t as harsh as previous fuller ones I had tried. Of course they’re not a lash to be worn with minimal make-up, but I feel that you can get a better look at the actual lashes this way. 
I plan on wearing them again with a more dramatic eye, probably to compliment a rock-style coordinate – a style which I am growing fond of again. The macro on my camera failed to catch a sharpened image of them but I like them all the same. 
ES A023 – here
These were the first pair of lower lashes I had tried from ES. The lashes themselves are very soft and sweet looking, however the lash band was a little harder to work with then other pairs I have worn. Even so it wasn’t so much of a problem that I wouldn’t try them again. 
I tried them with minimal make-up as I wanted to use them for a sweeter look in the future, however I felt they overpowered it a little. Maybe something more dainty next time?! Anyway, I felt the lashes were a good size and length – I did also cut some down to use as lower accent lashes, which I preferred.
Overall I am happy with the two sets I was sent this time.
Both sets of lashes are under $8 for a pack of 10!!
For some everyday-use or ‘first try’ lashes that’s such a bargain!!
They ship worldwide and delivery is super fast~
You can purchase any of these lashes and many more different types and brands here.

KKcenterhk also sell cosmetics, wigs, hosiery etc. so be sure to check them out!!

Review: Korean Bulk False Eyelashes

This post is sponsored by KKcenterhk
Recently, KKcenterhk offered to sponsor me with some of the eyelashes featured on their store. They stock a variety of lashes and the ones I choose were the 10 pair multipacks from the Korean company ‘ES’. I’m sure you have seen these online before, and I know some of you have even bought some yourselves.
I don’t currently own many ‘fuller lashes’ so I choose 3 packs from their large selection.
I only applied a little bit of eyeliner in the following pictures as I wanted to blend the lashes but show them off, without make-up.
A005 – here
As you can see, they’re a little shiny looking. However they don’t feel plastic-y, actually they’re very soft – but the band was a little stiff. They’re very full and thick looking though – maybe a little too much for me. These really are great though for a dramatic, full look.

Unfortunately they didn’t suit me – this picture makes them look unreal haha
I did have to cut the length slightly as they were too long. I always thought I had strange, tiny eyes and these lashes kind of exaggerated that…or maybe it was just me. Either way they would blend much better with make-up, of course.
A22 – here
These ones were slightly thinner, but still had a full look to them. They were also very soft and much easier to apply than the previous pair. I really liked the feathered look these lashes had, it made them a little more natural but still appropriate for heavier make-up.

I thought this pair were a lot better than the previous ones. I will definitely wear these more in the future when I want a heavier eye with thicker lashes.
A008 – here
These were my favourites of the 3 sets. The lashes were thicker, but more natural and the band wasn’t stiff – so easy to apply and quite comfortable. They weren’t as shiny and blended much better.

These lashes would be great for a ‘natural’ look but also with a more dramatic eye. I love that one pair of lashes can work for two different looks, hence why they are my favourites.
What about the lashes I didn’t like so much?!

I used a bit of silver glitter eyeliner and added a few sparkles to them.
This also separated them out a little bit so they’re not as full. I had seen quite a few pairs like these in-store and wanted to try them out, but I wasn’t sure about the glitter. So instead of wasting money and throwing the other pairs out, I created a new pair of lashes.

All of the above sets of lashes are under $4!!
For some everyday or ‘first try’ lashes that’s such a bargain!!
They ship worldwide and delivery is super fast~

You can purchase any of these lashes (except for the D.I.Y glitter ones) and many more different types and brands here.

KKcenterhk also sell cosmetics, wigs, hosiery etc. so be sure to check them out!!

Recent coordinates…

Here is a small filler post with some recent coordinates, make-up and nails…

Look at me with my photography skills ;D
Fur Boots: エフエーコレクション, La Foret
Bandage Skirt: H&M
Lace Tights: Miss Selfridge
Bag: Murua
I wore this Mode inspired coord to meet with my two gorgeous Gals Mitsu and Hana. Thanks for a great afternoon ladies, can’t wait to do it again!
I thought I had taken a full shot of this outfit, but I can’t find it.

Hat: ACZA BONITA, Ikebukuro – Sunshine City
Dress: Pop Girl, Nippori
Bags: Topshop & Murua
Phone charm: Chiara, 109
This is my most recent coordinate that I wore for a trip to 109 with Mitsu. I really liked it and I received a few compliments that day, so maybe other people liked it too?!
However it did also warrant some unwanted attention on the train journey home. Note to self: wear shorts underneath next time!!

Pop Girl is another cheap Gal store. However I personally wouldn’t put it in the same category as Gal Fit (see below).
The majority of clothing in Pop Girl looked cheap (this was my first time to visit), and extremely poor quality. I was also disappointed as they had t-shirts with a blatant Kumatan (W♥C) rip-off design – not impressed!
This dress was the only thing I found that looked of a decent quality/design.

I love that the maxi dresses in Japan are the right length for me…aka SHORT!
Maxi: Gal Fit
Lace Crop top: Gal Fit
Gal Fit is located in Harajuku, Takeshita Dori and has current trends at affordable prices.
It’s not always the best quality but if you’re careful with what you buy I don’t think there’s a problem. I’ve bought a couple of things from there and they have been fine. To be honest sometimes the quality in 109 isn’t even that great, so if you’re on a budget check it out.
Simple coord for heading to the shops – such a glamourous lifestyle I lead XD
Leopard print Cardigan: Forever 21
T-shirt: Delyle
Denim Skirt: Topshop
I wanted to show another simple coord with the same t-shirt…
Hat: ACZA BONITA, Ikebukuro – Sunshine City
T-shirt: Delyle
Leopard print skirt: S.I2.C, 109-2
Leggings: Present

Just some simple eye make-up.
I keep forgetting to take photos of my make-up, sorry!!
I’m not really impressed with how my photos came out here, so I apologise for the quality. I must start taking more pictures of my make-up, that way I can only improve…right?! ;D
The top make-up was just a simple style with eyeliner, mascara and top & bottom lashes.
Bottom style was bronze eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and top & bottom lashes – I was trying out some new lashes here, and I liked them on but they look kinda weird in this picture o.O

Finally, my nails!
Nails: Donki
Since I am trying to stay on budget until Christmas I decided to invest in some glue-on nails, as opposed to gel or acrylic…which I would have preferred to be honest. However I am kind of glad I did as these will last much longer (if I don’t lose them) and I can take them on and off as I please.
Donki actually had a discount on their nails, so these were around 2,500円 (£19/$31) – much cheaper than visiting a salon. I really liked the simple ethnic vibe and they look really good on too.

From Tokyo with Love [1]

I thought I would give my new mini-series (that I talked about here) a name. So welcome to….
‘From Tokyo with Love’– original, right? ;D
As often as I can, I plan to make filler posts during the week and between my larger posts. These will feature pictures from Tokyo, mainly Gal related but sometimes not – I can’t go a year in Tokyo without showing you guys something other than Gals, clothes and shops XD
For the first post in the series, I took a few shots when I made a quick stop to Shibuya 109 this week.
An advertisement for Vivi’s 109 book.
A couple of girls being interviewed.
It’s not out of the ordinary to see camera crews in Shibuya.
AYU x JELLY are featured on 109’s store-front right now.

Some interesting English outside TWISTY in 109.
In terms of Engrish, I think this is a pretty decent attempt – they just need spell check ;D
Chinatsu Wakatsuki promoting Diamond Lash (eyelashes) on 109’s top floor.
You’re encouraged to take your photo here!
W♥C need to get their new stock in!!
My friend was converted by this ad…well she wanted the jumper.
Stopped by the SBY cafe for a crepe.
The side window is decorated with photos of EGG models and…
…random Gal’s purikura.
– I don’t mind posting this (in terms of privacy) as you can’t see anyone’s face properly –
Last months issue of HAPPIE NUTS dispels the ‘red lipstick’ myth.
Finally a ‘happy’ note from the SBY Gals ;D

Review: CANMAKE Powder Cheeks Blush

I haven’t done a review in a while and after Hana persuaded me to try the CANMAKE Powder Cheeks blush range I thought this was the perfect opportunity.
To start with I’d like to explain why I’m reviewing this blush.
CANMAKE is an affordable (around £4/$6 for powder cheeks) and popular brand.
Not only that but it is easily accessible even for those living outside of Japan; Yesstyle (I can’t visit the site from Japan!? D:) and Ichibankao sell their products, as do many other sites.
To be honest I was really surprised that the majority of sites are selling it for double the price, which is a shame. However I think Yesstyle tends to stay true to the original prices. I’d appreciate it if someone could confirm this for me – Thanks to Michiko who confirmed that YS are actually selling it for around $15 :O
So apart from being affordable and accessible, why did I choose it?
I’m sure you’ve noticed that one Summer trend this year was big pink cheeks. I had seen several models working the look and a few Gals on the street. But it wasn’t until I started attending university that I realised how popular it was, with almost every Gal sporting the look – my university has quite a high percentage of Gals by the way.
So after some tempting from Hana, various magazines and the fabulous examples of Gals on the streets I decided to have a go myself.
So onto the review…

I bought Canmake’s pw20 – lollipop pink blush.
The powder cheeks collection comes in a variety of orange and pink shades. I was a little hesitant to go all out so I choose something inbetween the pale pink I currently use and the bright pink some Gals prefer.
The blush itself has a slight glitter effect to it, which I’m not usually a fan of. However I think it lends a little femininity and softness to the shade, which I quite liked after trying it on.
The colour is perfect for a girly/dolly look, so if you’re planning something brighter you may want to choose a darker shade.

Left; Without blush
Right; With Canmake’s powder cheeks blush
The application of the blush can be a plus or a minus point, depending on your make-up preferences; I personally like the application. It comes with its own small brush, which is perfect for making defined sweeps but you could always use a bigger brush for something a little more dramatic.
It did take quite a few applications of the blush to achieve the colour shown in the right hand picture – but this was a plus for me, as it means I can also use it as a simple blush for everyday use when I choose to.
However I feel like it could be a little more prominent for the look I was aiming for, so I plan to use a bigger brush and more blush next time ;D
Oh and for those of you who worry about removing your make-up after a long day….it came off easily!

I really like the Canmake Powder Cheeks collection. The price was definitely a contributing factor to this (that and the brands popularity) as I won’t always be able to throw money away on high-brand products. Not only that but the blush itself was good quality and the presentation was also very cute.

This was my first product from the CANMAKE range and it has tempted me to buy more from their line. So if you can get your hands on this blush, I would highly recommend it.
Coming Soon: Review – Jill Stuart Lipstick