Review: Lioele Gel & Pencil Eyeliner

Please say hello to my latest sponsor,
LS is a Korean cosmetic, wig, contact lens and fashion retailer and they sponsored me some of their lovely cosmetics by the brand Lioele. I personally love Korean make-up and it’s famous for it’s good quality at affordable prices – my Japanese tutor would often take trips to Korea just for the cosmetics. That’s why I was so happy to be sponsored by them.
And if you don’t believe me about the hype check out the latest issue of Popsister which has a big feature on Korean cosmetics and their brands. 
All of their cosmetics on the webstore are by the brand Lioele. The first thing I have to say about this brand is that their packaging is gorgeous – it’s simple but elegant. I am a big fan of packaging and I love displaying my cosmetics so these fit perfectly on my make-up table. Anyway, onto the reviews…

See I told you about the packaging! Simple but cute and I love that the brush fits into the lid when you are done with it, but not only that, the brush can be turned around and placed into the lid for a longer version. Very useful for a cat eye…my favourite!!

The gel itself is smooth and goes on easily, and depending on how much you apply it can be as light or dark as you wish. I also liked how it didn’t rub off when re-applying which is a problem I have had with some liquid liners such as Dollywink. It was also long-lasting (lasted the whole day) and smudge proof.



The pencil eyeliner was also in lovely packaging. As for performance I found that it applied easily and blended just as well – great for lower lash line or fixing your upper. It stayed on for the whole day but did smudge a little toward the end, nothing new for pencil liners (in my experience).

Swatch of the two.
Gel on the left, pencil on right.
Gel on upper, pencil on lower.
Nothing else on except for base – no mascara, lashes etc.



BB Cream samples.
But you can buy bottles here:
Swatch of the two.
Beyond on left, triple on right.
…and blended.
Beyond on inner eye, triple on outer.
BB Cream is an amazing innovation from Korea that is slowly making its way into the Western market. My sister has been using it for several years so I’ve been using it and loving it’s wonderful qualities for a while. It helps get rid of dark circles by evening out skin tones and it can even cover scars (which it did for a relative of mine). My sister commented on how she sees it as more of a skin care product with the added bonus of being a foundation.
Lioele’s cream covers skin easily with a natural finish whilst keeping moisture in and creating a smooth base for make-up. It applies like a lotion (light and thin) which makes it so easy and much better than a lot of liquid foundations that can be a bit stodgy. Check out their chart which shows all their BB Creams, including the functions, coverage, brightness etc. of each. is based in Canada but they ship worldwide – shipping is super fast and affordable.
Not only that but they have offered my readers a special offer.
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You can also check out their blog for the latest products and make-up tutorials – here.