Recent Coordinates and Make-up

I can’t believe my last coordinate post was in January…sorry!!
Due to being busy and pure laziness I haven’t been taking many pictures lately. However I do have a few from the last month, so here you go~

‘Simple’ eye with Candy Magic Green lenses
I always feel so cheeky saying that I’ve done a ‘simple’ eye when it took me just as long with just as many products as normal haha. I loosely followed a tutorial in the latest Popteen which felt very Spring-y to me. I also cut the lashes (from this sponsorship) in half for a lighter look.
The coordinate that went with the make-up.
Note to self: crossing legs in pictures makes you look like a flamingo XD
I bought this dress back in Japan and I’ve worn it so many times since ♥♥ This coordinate was one of a couple that I saw very similar versions from Japanese Gals on tumblr – see!
And the other was…

Although she works it way~ better than me haha

…and the make-up. 
Once again I didn’t want a heavy eye and I was also testing out the new Maxfactor mascara (lower lash only, I’m wearing lashes on top) which is amazing!! My lower lashes are so tiny and blonde and this mascara really made them stand out. I may just invest in this (I was given a free sample from a friend who works for Maxfactor) along with their new Liptint pen that I want.
Final coordinate…I bought this top in Kyoto before I left. I was drawn in by the back detail (see below) and it just seemed perfect for a sexy-rock coordinate. I didn’t realise straight away but the skull print is made up of famous last words – a bit strange, but it makes for an interesting conversation starter.
The back detail – pretty cool, right?
And my make-up.
No lower lashes this time because I couldn’t find my favourite Canmake ones which would have made it perfectly – noooooo! Upper lashes are some cheap ones from Daiso (only 100yen) but I love them!! So much so that I ordered some more from D-Tan haha. Also using my Dollywink eyeshadow.
Anyway, thank you for looking and I shall try to make sure it isn’t another 2 months until my next coordinate post ;D