Ageha top 10 meme….

Here is the ‘Ageha Top 10’ meme that Mitsu, Alanna and myself have decided to take up.
It was quite hard to think of a ‘Top 10’ and I realised that I couldn’t properly rank everything. So in no particular order…
I hope you will all post your top 10’s. I can’t wait to see them.
p.s. Would you guys be interested in seeing some translated scans?
I’m quite busy right now with university but I am hoping to help Mitsu with some translations soon…so let me know.


I would just like to thank everyone who follows this blog.
I can’t believe I now have 100 followers, it seems odd that people would want to read my posts.
To commemorate this I thought it might be funny (for you) and awkward (for me) to see how I have ‘evolved’ over the years haha. The pictures show the changes in my make-up and hair styles.

Wow some of those are pretty shocking, right? But hopefully I have learnt from my past styles…Can you guess at which point I started incorporating Gal into my style?! Or are they all too dismal to tell haha.
As you can see I’ve tried just about everything with my hair. I have had it long (when I was yonger), cut super short and then extensions. I also dyed it blonde/ginger at one point…for those wondering what my original hair colour is; I am a very dark brunette. I am naturally pale though so I opt for a lighter shade.
I also noticed just how much eyeliner I used to wear, that was a shock. I really needed to tone it down back then XD
And here I am now!!
Well 2010 anyways…my hair is a lighter copper now.
Sorry for the lack of make-up in the above picture, but I think this shows just how much I have changed. I am currently very happy with the way I do my hair, make-up and dress. Before Gal was just an interest but now it’s something I think about, do and follow (hopefully well) everyday.
I wish I had pictures of past outfits, but I was never confident enough to take full body shots D:
Well luckily I feel so comfortable with my style now, that I can do so!! Which is helpful for this blog lol
I don’t know if that was any help or interest to anyone, but I think to make this blog more personal it’s important for you guys to see how my style has evolved. I feel a little nervous showing this off here, because some people can be rather harsh with their criticism but I am not claiming to be the best at Gal and I never have. I just have an interest in it and it makes me happy when I dress this way.
Hopefully we can work together and evolve into the ‘Gal’ that we want to be 😀

Scarves, Deco and Sailors?!

The ‘Scarf’ Trend
A few examples from April issue of Happie Nuts.
I’m sure you have all noticed or at least heard by now about the current Scarf boom in Gal. If not then definitely check out this post by Mitsu – everything you need to know, and a little how-to for those a bit unsure of what to do.
Scarves can be seen in most current issues of Gal magazines, whether worn on the head or as an accessory – although the head scarf seems to be most popular right now.
And all of the models are working it; Popteen’s Wei Son & Yui Kanno, Momoeri, Romihi is stocking up on Bandanas from SBY, and it’s also a fave with Nori & Tae.
I had a go this past week, and here are a few pics;
Left; Regular scarf made into a bow
Right; Ready-made lace bow, wrapped around my bun (thanks Samispo0n).
The ‘hippie’ look that a few models seem to be working.
And to prove that even animals can work the current Gal trend…
My puppy – Sam XD
What do you think of the current Scarf trend?

You may remember one of my fledgling posts about deco-ing my cellphone, here.
Well I had a long train journey back to uni this weekend, so I thought I’d give it a go – yes on the train, haha. No I’m not crazy, I cheated and used a glue sheet on the phone, so it was a lot easier.
I used pink gems and pearls to accent the pink and creme purikura of my boyf and I…
What do you think?

Finally, some fancy dress…
I went out to a club night with some friends last week, and the theme was ‘Nautical Night’ – pirates and sailors. I originally wanted to be a pirate but in the end opted for a Sailor theme.
How is this related to Gal, I hear you ask.
Well I’m sure that Gal’s love to do fancy dress as much as everyone else (possible idea for a post?!), and I tried out some new hair/make-up so I thought I’d show you.
17 Blue eye dazzle dust (poor lighting doesn’t show it off),
Dolly wink liquid & pencil eyeliner,
Accent lashes.
I curled my hair and placed it into bunches, unfortunately my hair is very thin, as you can see in the pics above. That was my hair teased!! My hair dresser keeps telling me to stop straightening, backcombing and dying my hair etc. I would opt for extensions but that wouldn’t offer my hair much relief either, haha.
Does anyone have any tips on thickening your hair – with products/vitamins etc?

What’s in your make-up bag….

What’s in your make-up bag?
Everyone knows a Gal’s make-up bag is a prized possession, so I decided to show you all what I keep in my make-up bag (this is just my ‘everyday’ make-up bag, it doesn’t include all the random pieces I have scattered on my dresser).
  1. Soin des Levres Lipcare – Paul & Joe (Disney Collection – Marie)
  2. CHERRY Glamour eyes quick mascara – TAUHAUS
  3. Liquid eyeliner (black) – Dollywink
  4. Pencil eyeliner (black) – Dollywink
  5. Concealer (light) – Collection 2000
  6. Highlighter pen (white) – ?? haha sorry, the brand has come off the label.
  7. Soin Tendres Levres Lipcare – Chanel
  8. Rouge Hydrabase Lipstick (128.magnolia rose) – Chanel
  9. Glitter eyeliner (gold, green) – No.7 & Collection 2000
  10. Ombre Unique Shadowlights (21.Vega) – Chanel
  11. Blusher (light pink) – 17
So that is my basic make-up collection. I only tend to use everything at once though on a night out etc.
My everyday make-up routine involves; liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, blusher and concealer. It may not seem like much but I prefer to go for a more natural look (which is in this season) for lectures, and a more dramatic look for leisure days/nights out…depending on my mood.
I hate to say it but it usually depends on how well rested I was the night before, and whether I have the time. Most of my weekdays are early mornings and I am not a morning person haha.

So as you can see I am a big fan of Chanel for eyeshadow (I have another 2 eye compacts) and lipstick/care. Quality over quantity is my belief. It may cost a little more, but you don’t want to use poor quality products on your skin, especially if you’re like me and are quite sensitive.
Remember, make-up may make you look good now but we also need to look after our skin for the future too 😀
What’s in your make-up bags?
Do you have a selection of products that you use everyday?
Oh, and today’s coordinates.
Just something simple and weather proof;
シュシュ; SBY
‘My heart sweet’ T-shirt; 浅草ROX 
Denim shorts; H&M
Fur-trimmed boots; エフエーコレクション

Tsubasa Masuwaka news….

A new photobook

Tsubasa recently blogged about another new photobook she has coming out. Entitled ‘Les Aisles’ it is based in Paris, with familiar landmarks and Parisian streets used as backdrops. Apparently there will also be a Q&A section.
The first 1000 people to buy the photobook will also receive a special edition ‘Les Aisles’ Dolly Wink eyelash case.
It costs 1575円 (with tax) and is released on the 26th February.
In other Tsubasa related news, the Candydoll website has a new layout celebrating the February 23rd release of the new highlighter and blusher colours. This includes new pictures of Tsu-chan showing off the ‘Carrot Orange Blush’ – which I think looks cute. Let’s hope it looks this lovely on everyone.
I admit I may have judged it too harshly before, but can you really blame me when it has carrot in the name ;D
Source; 1, 2


The ever lovable Tsubasa Masuwaka posted on her blog today, about 3 new products from the ‘Candydoll’ range. These include; finishing powder, highlighter and blusher.
The finishing powder and highlighter seem like your average powders but the blusher comes in a rather odd colour. Carrot Orange. Yep, you heard me right. There are no real pictures that show it off properly right now, but it seems a little hard to imagine…maybe it’s just the use of the word carrot haha.
I personally wasn’t a massive fan of the original baby pink blusher by ‘Candydoll’…at least not the way that Tsubasa wore it (I wear a similar shade, and I use it subtly). But it seemed to sell well, and Magazines such as Popteen raved about it…but then they would have to ;D
However, MAC do an orange in their ‘Cremeblend Blush’ range, and it has sold out of the online store.
So what do you guys think, could ‘Carrot Orange Blusher’ be the next big thing?
Source; 1

Ageha Eye-Type, Make-up Tutorial Quiz….

I am currently having problems with my internet at home, therefore I am stealing my bf’s. This unfortunately means I have no access to the majority of my Gal resources, until I can be bothered to carry my Vaio all the way to his D:

So for now, here is a ‘Eye-Type, Make-up Tutorial Quiz’ as seen in Ageha, and translated by myself.
I translated this around a month ago, and whereas my Japanese is still only competent I enjoyed translating this (if you can correct/adjust my translation, please let me know). Simply follow the questions, and you will end up paired with an ‘eye type’ complete with a make-up tutorial to compliment your eyes perfectly.
Which eye-type/model were you paired with?

Question 1.
白目の広さは? The (white)space of your eyes…?
a. 広め外国人風 – In the style of a foreigner – large?
b. せまめで黒目がち – It and the Iris are narrow – Asian style?
Answer A: Go to question 4.
Answer B: Go to question 2.

Question 2. 
二重のくいこみは? The fold of your eyes…? (double eyelid)
a. 強い – Strong (noticeable)
b. 弱い – Weak (small)
Answer A: Go to question 3.
Answer B: Go to question 5.

Question 3.
目と目の距離は? The distance (separation) between your eyes…?
a. 離れめ – Separated (far apart)
b. 近め – Close together
Answer A: Go to question 6.
Answer B: You got Chihuahua eyes:

Question 4.
縦or横、どうちに大きい? The largest length is: vertical or horizontal? (which part of your eye is longest, horizontally across or vertically across?)
a. 横 (horizontal)
b. 縦 (vertical)
Answer A: Go to question 7.
Answer B: Go to question 5.

Question 5.
二重のかたちは? What shape are the fold of your eyes?
a. 末近型 (close at the end – inner eyelid?)
b. 平行型 (parallel)
Answer A: Go to question 6.
Answer B: Go to question 8.

Question 6.
蒙古ひだ(目頭の切れ込み)はある? Do you have a non-double eyelid?
a. あり (have)
b. なし (without)
Answer A: You got Rabbit eyes:
Answer B: You got Bambi eyes:

Question 7.
タレ目 ? ツリ目? Eyes that drop downward or upward?
a. タレ目 (drooping eyes, example:
b. ツリ目 (slanted upward eyes, example:
Answer A: Go to question 8.
Answer B: You got Cat eyes:

Question 8.
目とまゆげの距離は? What is the distance between your eyes and eyebrows?
a. 遠い (far)
b. 近い (close)
Answer A: Go to question 9.
Answer B: You got Mixed race eyes:

Question 9.
白目のハジとハジの高さは? The line from one side of your eye to the other?
a. 同じくらい (the same)
b. 目尻が高い (one corner is slightly higher)
Answer A: You got Doll eyes:
Answer B: You got Idol eyes: